Battle of the Seasons

Will Zach and Jonna Last?

Zack and Jonna have been an item for the past 10 episodes! In real time, this was probably about 5 weeks, but I bet that this is the longest relationship Jonna has ever had. Zach was able to maintain this relationship for the duration of filming even though Ashley, his ex-girlfriend, was part of the cast.

When the challenge ends, we will see if this was a real relationship. I could see the couple ending in one of three ways:

1. They last! The love wasn’t lost after filming.

2. They break up. Time and distance are not conducive for a relationship.

3. They break up because Jonna wanted to be in an alliance with Zach. Now that the challenge is over, he’s no longer of use.

Hopefully we’ll find out at the reunion. To be honest, I’m surprised Jonna has not inserted a new piercing into her body to signify her commitment to Zach.

What do you think will happen?



  1. Actually Jonna longest relationship was for two years, she was dating him during Rivals. That’s why she didn’t hooked up with no one. Get your fact straight before you talk shit.

  2. I was trying to be funny, but I never stated that as a fact. I said “I bet,” not “I am certain.”

    Didn’t know that about her relationship though, but I did notice that she didn’t hook up one Rivals.

    TY for commenting 🙂

  3. Hi Zach, Indianapolis Opera would love to invite some of the Doing Indy team to the baakgtcse tour for The Mikado this Wednesday evening. How can we make this happen?

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