Will Frank and Ashley Get a Free Ride?

On this challenge, there are 12 Arenas. 4 people go into each Arena meaning that there are a total of 48 possibilities to appear in The Arena. This leave plenty of room for all 32 cast members to appear at least one time, but after eleven Arenas two people have managed to avoid it all together:

Frank and Ashley. The funny thing is that Zach and Sam have seen two Arena.

Now I can understand why Ashley would be able to avoid The Arena. She hasn’t screwed up, she is generally likable and certainly hasn’t caused problems, and people probably forget that she’s on the show because she says an average of six words a week.

But Frank??!! How does he not have enough enemies to get him sent into The Arena? I’m shocked that he has made it this far without having to jeopardize his position on the challenge.

With only one Arena left, it seems likely that Frank and Ashley may make it to the final without having to go into an Arena. San Diego is on a winning streak, and if they become power team there is no chance of them getting eliminated.

Anyone else surprised that they’ve made it this far without any major problems?


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