Battle of the Seasons

Episode 11: 5 Moments Before the Final

This week’s episode featured the last challenge and Arena before the final. The cast is now in Namibia and have left Turkey. Let’s check out the best moments from this episode:

5. Sink, Swim, or Fly


This week’s challenge featured a huge slide that cast members got launched off of…very similar to Fresh Meat 2’s Airheads. Once launched off of the slide, the cast member had to swim about 250 years to a dock, ring a bell, and them swim to shore. Not the most interesting challenge, but watching people fly in the air was kind of cool.

4. Slow Diego


Brooklyn and Vegas had the fastest swimmers, but Vegas became the power team. Cancun and San Diego were the slowest, but Cancun came in last. Vegas was given little time to decide who would be going into the Arena, but they chose San Diego.

3. First Trip Into the Last Arena


Cancun came in last, meaning that Jonna and Derek had to go into The Arena. San Diego selected Frank and Ashley to go into The Arena, meaning everyone that had not seen an Arena went into the final Arena. The selected came was strategy, and San Diego managed to beat Cancun. Because only 3 teams are going to the final, every team in the final will make some money.

4. Jonna is Gone-a


With Cancun leaving, Zach and Jonna are officially divided. Jonna admits that finding Zach was the best thing about the challenge and she kissed him goodbye. Now Derek has to go home and Jonna has to find a home.

5. Falling to the Final


To make the final as annoying as possible, MTV decided to locate it in the middle of the desert. In order to get to the desert, the cast has to jump from a plane. Some people seemed pumped…like Dustin and Sam, while others seems terrified… like Trishelle and Frank. Will they all be able to jump???!!! You’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

Actually, I know the answer to that. They all will jump because they’re attached to a trained professional that determines when they leave the plane.

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