I did this last season with the 3 remaining teams on Battle of the Exes, and now I will do it with the Battle of the Seasons teams. Screenshot_146

If Team San Diego wins, it will be the first time since the original Battle of the Seasons that the entire winning team was newbies.

Frank will be the 4th gay challenge champion, behind Real World Miami’s Dan (Extreme Challenge), Real World New Orlean’s Danny (Battle of the Seasons) and Real World Key West’s Tyler (Cutthroat & Rivals).

Sam will be the 3rd lesbian to win, behind Road Rules Campus Crawl’s Rachel (The Gauntlet, The Duel 2) and Fresh Meat’s Evelyn (The Inferno 3, The Island, Rivals).

Ashley and Frank will make this the 3rd straight season where winners of the final elimination round win the challenge, following Johnny and Camila (Battle of the Exes) and Johnny and Tyler (Rivals).

Zach and Ashley will be the first exes to win together outside of exes (even though Johnny and Camila were hardly exes to begin with).

If Team Brooklyn wins…

Sarah will become of third person to win on her sixth challenge, following Road Rules Extreme’s Derrick and Real World Chicago’s Tonya. Both won for the first time on The Inferno 3

JD will become the 4th gay champion.

Devyn will be the first black female to win since Real World Key West’s Janelle on The Inferno 3.

Chet will join Johnny and Evelyn as a champion that was the first person eliminated on their first challenge.

If Team Las Vegas wins…

They will be tied with Darrell and Aviv for the second highest winnings on a challenge with $125,000. Jodie and Wes have the highest winnings from The Duel – $150,000

Trishelle will be the first Vegas female to earn money on a challenge.

Dustin will replace Frank from the original Las Vegas (as well as Nehemiah) for the most recent win by a rookie male.

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