Battle of the Seasons

Challenge Final Episode: Nice Guys Finish Last

Usually I post about the week’s top 5 moments, but because this week aired the final episode, there’s only one thing to talk about: THE FINAL!


Of course, I found myself rooting for Team Brooklyn to win. Sarah has been in 3 finals now, and lost all three. I would have loved to see her finally win, but unfortunately she was not able to drag the rest of her team to the finish line.

Las Vegas gave the final a good shot, and I really think that being a team of 2 was an advantage for the most part. Both San Diego and Brooklyn has a member of their team that lagged behind the rest of them. Even though they came in second play, $25,000 is a good amount of money to win.

And then there’s our champions: San Diego. I’m not surprised that they won. To be completely honest, they did make some smart moves throughout the competition. The rookie revolution successfully sent home a lot of the veterans (Wes, Team Fresh Meat, Alton, etc.) and they managed to get rid of stronger teams before the final. Frank, Zach, and Ashley all seemed adequately prepared for the final, but Sam kept lagging behind. Despite her shortcomings, the team was (literally) able to push her to the finish line.

Like the finals on Rivals and Battle of the Exes, this final lasted for two days. The biggest flaw with these finals is that they are made of 90% running and 10% other challenges. Not only is running extremely boring to watch, but it only caters to athletic individuals. Brooklyn, who did very well in other areas of the challenge, lagged behind on the running because of one teammate (Devyn) and ultimately lost the final. It seemed like Chet, Sarah, and JD were the best competitors in the events in the finals that did not involve running, the San Diego beat them in the racing part.

Ultimately, I do think that San Diego are worthy champions, but I would have liked to see a final that gave other teams a fighting chance.

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