Battle of the Seasons

Which Team Were You Expecting to See in the Final?

Five teams didn’t make it to the final challenge- Austin, Fresh Meat, New Orleans, St. Thomas, and Cancun. While I’m not surprised to see that some of these teams are not represented in the final, I am surprised that there are people sitting out of the final while people like Frank, Devyn, Ashley, and JD are competing.

Let’s take a look back at the teams that didn’t make it to the final, and whether or not it’s surprising that they’re not there.

Team Austin


Surprised they’re gone? NOPE. Neither Danny nor Melinda have ever won an elimination round, so the two of them were destined to fail. Lacey was a newbie, but not exactly an physical threat. I am a little surprised to see Wes leave so early, but considering that he had to compete with Lacey or Melinda, it’s not that shocking.

Team Fresh Meat


Team Fresh Meat were in a tough situation. Not just because Eric was on the team, but because they arrived a couple of days after the rest of the cast. I think that Brandon could have taken one of the girls farther in the game if it weren’t for Eric, but with Eric on the team it’s not surprising that the team didn’t last.

Team New Orleans


All things considered, New Orleans did better than I had anticipated. I had very low expectations for Preston and McKenzie, so the fact that they did as well as they did surprised me. With that said, I’m not surprised that they didn’t see the final.

Team St. Thomas


I wouldn’t say I’m surprised that St Thomas isn’t in the final, but I do think that they’re stronger than other rookie teams. I’m not surprised that Marie and Robb did as well as they did, and I didn’t think it was impossible for them to make it to the final.

Team Cancun


After watching Rivals, I knew that Jonna and Jasmine has potential. Pair either on of them with NFL prospect CJ and it seems like a team destined for success. I am a little surprised that they didn’t make it to the end, but more surprised that Derek outlasted CJ.

Who are you most surprised to not see in the final?

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