Most Surprising Couples

We’ve seen plenty of relationships form on The Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge. Some of them ended after a night, while others have ended in marriage. Sometimes these relationships seem like a perfect match, while other times they are a shock to everyone. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and check out some of the most surprising relationships.

Puck & Rachel (Real World San Francisco)


No, I’m not talking about Puck and Rachel from Glee. The original Puck and Rachel relationship happened in 1994 in the Real World San Francisco house. Puck was the season’s bad boy and Rachel was the daughter in a conservative family that was on a rebellious streak. The two were very flirty, and Puck even confessed to kissing Rachel. In the end, it didn’t work out. Puck was booted from the house and got married during Battle of the Sexes. Rachel went on to marry Sean from Real World Boston who she met on Road Rules All Stars.

Leah & Darrell (The Inferno)


Darrell doesn’t do relationship…or so he claims. This challenge champion sure seemed to have a thing for Real World Paris’s Leah while the two were a part of The Inferno cast. Not only did the two spend plenty of time kissing, but Darrell whipped Leah’s drool while she was suffering from a panic attack. The relationship didn’t survive past The Inferno… but I wish it did.

Mark & Robin (Battle of the Sexes 2)


Looking at them on Battle of the Exes, it seems like their relationship was always a part of challenge history. But in 2004, it was surprising to see a seasoned veteran go for a rookie like Robin. Especially when you consider that Mark was from Road Rules 1 and Robin was from Real World 14. Though the relationship ended, it was very real. They moved in together for a point in time, and Beth’s clothes got thrown into a pool to interfering with the relationship.

CT & Diem (The Duel)


Diem arrived for The Duel very vulnerable and with a freshly bald head. CT arrived for The Duel ready to smash heads. The fact that Diem could whip CT into Prince Charming surprised the cast, and the fact that they lasted for so long surprised the fan. Even when it was over, we all wanted to see them get back together.

Rachel & Jenn (The Island)


Here’s the reason this hook up was a surprise: Jenn isn’t a lesbian. Anyone that saw Battle of the Sexes 2/ The Inferno 2 saw Rachel run around in t-shirt with “Lesbian” or “I Love Pussy” plastered across the front, so the fact that she hooked up with Jenn was no surprise. There hook-up was no drunken mistake either, emotions between the two lasted into The Duel 2 where Aneesa felt like a third wheel and confronted Jenn.

Joey & Ayiiia (Real World Cancun)


Prior to Joey getting kicked out, he HATED Ayiiia and she returned the emotion. On the last episode of the season, Joey returned and the two were able to put their differences aside. In fact, they got along so well that Ayiiia hooked up with Joey. Not only did they hook up, but he ran all of the bases. Ayiiia immediately regretted this hook up, but everyone in the house was stunned.

Mike & Paula (Rivals)


Mike Mike was full of surprises on Rivals. Not only did he make it to the final, but he also had a showmance going on with veteran Paula. When he arrived on the show he confessed his attraction to her, and then she found herself attracted enough to him to hook up with him. It was all innocent fun, but a surprise nonetheless.

Paula & Ty (Battle of the Exes)


Prior to this hook up Ty had less-than-positive interactions with women and Paula suspected that Ty was gay. Then Ty started to treat Paula with respect and make moves. Paula kissed Ty back, and the two were an item for a few episodes until Paula got eliminated. The relationship didn’t last past Battle of the Exes, but Ty did maintain a friendship with Paula.

Robb & Marie (Real World St. Thomas)


Robb loves basketball and being a ginger. Marie loves Staten Island and beer. But the two had one thing in common: matching “Hakuna Matata” tattoos. Their relationship blossomed on St. Thomas and the two shared a bond throughout the season. To everyone’s sadness, the relationship was over by the time the reunion rolled around that the two were on really bad terms.

Eric & Devyn (Battle of the Seasons)


Eric is not known his romantic side, but he showed it on Battle of the Seasons. This odd couple shared real feeling throughout their time together on the show. In fact, Devyn flew to visit Eric immediately after filming ended. The relationship couldn’t survive the distance between the two, but it was a surprise while it lasted.

Did I miss any? Which couples surprised you the most?


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