Battle of the Seasons

Battle of the Seasons: The End is Here

OK, so it has officially been a week since Battle of the Seasons ended, but it is just starting to feel like the season is over. In this post, I’d like to talk about the impact that Battle of the Seasons made on the entire challenge series.

Firstly, rookies CAN win. Sure, Battle of the Seasons was about 80% rookies, but team San Diego came in with a plan to win. If rookies execute their plan to win effectively, they can do well.

Secondly, veterans are not immune to elimination. We saw this when Wes went home early, and once Austin was eliminated team Fresh Meat followed. Seven of the first eight people to leave had “veteran” status. Battle of the Seasons may not be the first time that veterans left early, but it’s the first time in a loooooooong time that no veterans won the final.

Third, physical fights are kind of OK? Derek shoved Robb then Marie shoved Derek (and Sam), Dustin smacked Frank, Frank rammed into Alton and he shoved Sam in the finals. No one was sent home. Maybe it’s because of the team format, but usually people would get eliminated for these actions.

Fourth, challenges aren’t just in one country now. When you’re nearing the final, you’re likely to travel to a new location. Battle of the Seasons is the third consecutive season to do this, and it’s becoming more and more expected now.

Fifth, you don’t have to be a good player to win. I think that everyone on team San Diego had their flaws, but they also balanced each other out and had a strong alliance. Some of the strongest competitors didn’t even see the final, while some of the weaked competitors did.

What do you think? Did Battle of the Seasons impact the Challenge series in any other ways? And who was the least deserving winner?


    1. iloverealworld, you’re 100% right. I just edited the post to say “won the final.” I had intended to write that, but for some reason I wrote “made it to the finals”.

      Trishelle also had veteran status.

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