The Real World: Is the End Near?

The Real World Portland is on its way. As excited as I am about the upcoming season, there is also a lot of uncertainty surrounding it. The Real World’s contract is up, and it’s up in the air whether or not the show will be renewed.

One of the cast members on the upcoming Real World season announced on Facebook that she will be on the Portland season. She also announced that this was the final Real World season (Thanks to XJDM from realitytvforum.ucoz for the photo)


So does this confirm that the end is coming? No, but it does confirm that nothing is certain. Sometimes production will inform the cast that the contract is up. Some cast members may interpret this information as the show ending. However, this probably means that The Real World Portland will need to improve ratings if the show is going to get renewed.

With all of this said, The Real World is not casting for any future seasons. I’m assuming they need another season to have the green light before they can cast for it.

No word on the renewal of the challenge, but there is speculation that another season is coming.


One thought on “The Real World: Is the End Near?

  1. Well they don’t need another season to cast for it. The last couple of seasons they just been casting back to back to back. I think they are trying to go out like Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore had one of the biggest endings and had the sponsors shoving out big bucks for advertisements of new movies and shows on other networks. It was big. I think that the real world needs to end on a high note and I been a fan since the beginning. I even created my own reality show IN THE CIRCLE, google it. Once Real World is over, I have no other reason to watch MTV. Mixed feelings, but I do feel like the end is necessary, there is too much coming. And I’m sorry, I am ready for the Challenge to be over too. I would say change it into it’s own show and cast for it like they did the real world. That would be a nice transition. I liked the real world a whole lot from Seasons 1-12 then I liked 14, the first episode of 15, all of 20, and all of 24 and 25. That’s it.

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