2012- A Year in a Post

In 2012 the RW/RR/Challenge franchise saw some ups and downs. Ultimately these produced some great TV moments, and some terrible ones. Let’s review some of the good, bad and sad things that happened in 2012.


Battle of the Exes premiered in January, starting off a successful challenge season. Thirteen pairs of exes reunited in the Dominican Republic to face off against each other. Ultimately, Johnny and Camila went on to win the show and $75,000 each.

CT and Diem established a friendship after years without speaking. The exes were able to make it to the finals on Battle of the Exes, but ultimately came in second place.

Real World St. Thomas premiered in June and introduced us to seven new roomies. We watched as the roommates fought, hooked up, and make fun of each other.

Prank Wars on the Real World St. Thomas helped viewer to see the cast in a different light. The pranks include putting a dead fish in the boy’s bathroom and putting a live chicken in the girl’s bedroom.

Battle of the Seasons premiered in September, reuniting eight Real World seasons and a misfit Fresh Meat team. Battle of the Seasons became one of the longest challenge seasons ever.

The Rookie Revolution on battle of the seasons proved that rookies have what it takes to make it to the end. For a change, the veterans took the early flight home and the rookies made it to the finals.


Emily used black face to make fun of Ty on Battle of the Seasons. As a heavily sheltered child, Emily claimed that she didn’t know that blackface was wrong. Still, the acts caused an uproar in the house.

Ratings for The Real World St. Thomas were among the lowest ever. Despite the fact that fans enjoyed this season more than many of the other recent ones, it was unable to match the ratings of these seasons. The fact that St. Thomas had to compete against events such as The Summer Olympics, Dish network dropping MTV, and The Fourth of July probably didn’t help ratings.

Tonya Cooley’s court case was settled outside of court. While it’s good that this scandal is over, a statement released by BMP seems to imply that Tonya deserved to be raped.

Tensions reached a high on the Real World St. Thomas reunion. The cast fought the entire time, and we found out that Marie and Robb now hate each other.

Wes’s downfall became apparent on Battle of the Exes and Battle of the Seasons. The former challenge champion and bully was eliminated second on Exes and first on Seasons.

Big Easy anchored the Fresh Meat team on Battle of the Seasons. He disqualified from two challenges, and them quit in the Arena. The rest of his team were visibly upset with him.

San Diego won Battle of the Seasons. As smart as the Rookie Revolution was, it sucked to watch Frank and Zach mastermind it. Ultimately, it took them to the grand prize.


Sarah got disqualified from Battle of the Exes after her partner Vinny removed Mandi’s top while at a club. Though Sarah was uninvolved in the incident, she had to leave because her partner was disqualified.

Diem was diagnosed with cancer for a second time. Despite the fact that she had remained cancer-free for over 5 years, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer for a second time in 2012. However, she does remain in good spirits and has a public journal of her battle on people.com to help other understand her battle.

Brandon was kick off The Real World after traces of cocaine were found in his system. He admitted to using it after months of sobriety. Despite the fact that he was upset and remorseful, his contract violation sent him home.

Joey Kovar passed away in August at the age of 29. The star of The Real World Hollywood and VH1’s Celebrity Rehab had been struggling with drug addition for much of his adult life. His death was a shock to his family and friends and fans alike mourned his death.

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