Best Final Challenges Ever

Yesterday I posted the five worst final challenge ever. Today we’ll be looking at the five best. Again, this is just my opinion so feel free to disagree.

5. The Ruins


After watching the Challengers team struggle for the whole season, their final team was reduced to Kellyanne and Sarah. Of course, the two of them lost but for a while they were beating the Champion team. Despite their loss, this created an exciting final challenge. Also, the Challengers team actually stood a chance against the Champions, because it’s no fun to watch a challenge that skewed in favor of a specific team.

4. The Gauntlet


After keeping Coral out of the final Gauntlet, the Real World team were forced to deal with the burden of having her on their team when she got bit by a spider. Her allergic reaction to this bite forced her to sit out of this Gold-Rush-themed final challenge and allowed the Road Rulers to take home the victory. On the Road Rules team was underdogs Sarah that won the challenge after battling her way through five Gauntlets. A great ending for a great season.

3. Rival


It’s almost expected that the final teams will be flown to another country and be forced to stay up all night for their final, but this was certainly unexpected for the final Rivals pairs. These individuals competing in an intense final challenge, and it was the first one that ever required the cast to stay up overnight. Though some people were unable to handle the demands of this final, the teams that were able to rise to the challenge walked away with money. And for the first time ever, Paula was a champion.

2. The Duel


The Duel’s final was a fusion of Brazilian “football” and the intense challenges that you’d expect in a final. Fans watched as rookies Wes and Svetlana competed against veterans Brad and Jodie. Though Wes and Jodie were the champion, it was a close race to see who would win the largest prize in challenge history- $150,000.

1. The Inferno


What can I say? I’m a sucker for themes, and The Inferno’s final challenge had a good one. A seven-deadly-sins-themed final was a perfect way to wrap up this drama-filled challenge season. The Real Worlders spent most of the challenge playing catch-up, but the Roadies really took the lead when Katie was able to figure out the answer to the puzzle. After the Road Rules team attempted to eliminate Katie, her shining moment came in the final challenge and the Road Rules team won- Katie included.

Agree? Comment and let me know your favorite final challenge.

5 thoughts on “Best Final Challenges Ever

    1. MTV has some, but none of the earlier ones. They earliest Challenge they have is Gauntlet III, and all of them from there on.

  1. The Duel’s final challenge really fell flat on rewatch. In the main section of the final there were only 2 checkpoints (the puzzle and the rocks).

  2. Rivals was the best final hands down ever. There was great people in the final and you kinda could give everyone a edge except jenn and mandi.

  3. Also Exes 1 final was incredibly diffcult yes there might not have been a theme but which final challenge does. That should have been hands down behind rivals.

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