The Worst Final Challenges

Throughout all of the challenges, we’ve seen so great final challenges as well as some terrible ones. Today I am going to recap the first worst final challenges ever. Feel free to disagree with me, but I have seen every final challenge so I am able to compare them.

I’m not including the final challenges from non-elimination based seasons. They were more like regular missions than anything else. In the first challenge is was just the cast entering a money chamber, in Challenge 2000 is was the cast skydiving onto a huge target, and on The Extreme Challenge is was just some racecar challenge. None of them were that exciting.

Tomorrow I will post the best final challenges ever.

5. Battle of the Exes


I didn’t understand this final challenge. Most of the other challenges throughout the season involved some silly love-based theme (Race to the Alter, Mental Connection, Give Me Some Honey, etc.). In the end, it boiled down to a two day race in the arctic? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The long race was supposed to be intense, but it really just seemed long and drawn out.


4. The Duel 2


The Duel is loved by fans and cast alike because it allows competitors to compete as individuals. So what does the final challenge include? Working with a partner. Mark and Evan were stalled for a long time as they waited for their partners to meet them at a check point. Not the exciting race I was hoping for.

3. The Gauntlet 3


Fans of The Challenge had been waiting for season upon season for people like Brad, Robin and CT to win. After a season filled with thrown missions and plots to “trim the fat” the veteran team was way strong than the rookies. However, the vets were stuck with Big Easy who was unable to endure a final challenge and collapsed midway through. Though the veterans finished significantly ahead of the rookies, their team was missing a player and therefore they were disqualified. Two years later, the gray team on Cutthroat had two players that were deemed medically unfit to compete in the final, and they were allowed to continue the final challenge.


2. The Island


On Battle of the Sexes 2 there was a challenge called Junk Boat where the cast was giving a bunch of junk and they needed to use it to build a boat and sail to victory. Four years later, this concept was used as the backbone of an entire season. On the final challenge of The Island the cast built a boat and sailed it. The end.

The Gauntlet 2


If there was ever a final challenge that allowed the weaklings to win, it was The Gauntlet 2’s. The “twist” of the season was that the teams would be betting coins on the three events in the final challenge. But the vets bet most of their coins on the roti eating contents and lost. Rather than attempt the other two events the vets gave up. Heavyweights like Landon and MJ won the final challenge and didn’t have to lift a finger.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!


  1. It just sounds like you feel most of these were the worst because the vets didn’t win. I actually missed the 6 on 6 days. Even liked The Gauntlet and inferno. Interest left after those.

      1. Ok but you know that exes 1 was one of the hardest final challenges besides rivals……. i smell bias , there is no way that exes should be on the list it should be behind rivals on the best challenge final ever

  2. Funny how I’m reading this now and yet everyone complains that Vendetta and Final Reckoning were the easiest finals ever. They clearly aren’t true challenge fans; they should know the easiest final ever was the Gauntlet 2: literally just an eating contest. At least the other finals required some degree of athleticism or brain power. His one? Who can eat 12 pounds of Roti the fastest?

    This is why I hate fairweather or casual fans lol

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