Real World New Orleans 2

Ashlee’s Lastest Gig

Every so often, I like to update people on the new accomplishments of our favorite Real World alum. Recently, I have been reintroduced to Ashlee Feldman from Real World 24: Back to New Orleans.


If you saw her season, you’ll remember that Ashlee and Preston worked with a local radio station to do some segments with people from the New Orleans area during Mardi Gras. Ashlee majored in communications, and she was passionate about working in radio.

After her appearance on The Real World, she worked with a sports station in New Orleans, but now she is back in Massachusetts working on a morning radio show on the station Jam’n 94.5. She cohosts the show Ramiro’s House which comments on national and local news stories.

The first morning she was on the show they introduced “Ashlee Feldman” and discussed her lips. Without even checking the website, I knew that this was Ashlee from The Real World. I’m very glad she was able to get a job in radio, and she’s been doing great so far. Jam’n 94.5 is the 10th biggest urban station in the nation, and is available on iheartradio if you’re not from the area and would like to tune in!

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