Can Kenny Outsmart the Rookies?

On Evan’s podcast with Susie, she mentioned that Kenny received a call about the upcoming season of the challenge and Evan did not. While receiving a call does not guarantee that Kenny will be a part of the cast, it does make me wonder if he would be able to survive the “rookie revolution.” After Battle of the Seasons, I anticipate seeing a higher number of rookies on the challenge than we saw on other recent seasons such as Rivals and Battle of the Exes.


Kenny is a smart player. He has only been eliminated once, has won three challenges, and has seen four additional finals. He is also known for having strong alliances with Johnny Bananas and Evan, though he did manage to make it to the end of Fresh Meat 2 with neither of these allies on the cast.

If Kenny was thrown into a crowd of newbies could he survive? In all honesty, I think he could. When push comes to shove, Kenny can perform. He’s notorious for bringing his C game to missions, avoiding last place and first place, and squeaking past elimination rounds. I do think it would be interesting to throw him on a challenge where he has to battle against a bunch of rookies, especially because some of them are pretty strong.

I also think it would be interesting to see if Kenny and Wes can now work as allies after Rivals, or if their willingness to work together ended with Rivals.

In short, I think Kenny needs to be on the next challenge, and I think he has what it takes to survive. What do you think?


  1. no kenny isnt a strong player, he had never won a elimantion round by himself(without wes he would have lost in rivals) he sucks at missions,( again rivals, wes carryed kenny to the final)

  2. One may think that Kenny underperformes at missions but if you look carefully at all his track record you will see that the blog’s author is absolutley right! He doesn’t performe, on purpose, to his maximum so he can avoid making enemies by throwing someone to the elimination round but he (almost) always manages to stay away from the bottom. In the final challenge he always does his best and he is usually the one that pushes his team members our partner to their limit.
    So, yes I think that Kenny can defeat the rookies. As far as working with Wes, I think that they can work together if they have to but as soon as they are able to backstab eachother they will do it!

    PS: amazing blog you have here 😉 Congrats

  3. Kenny won a bunch of missions in a row on Fresh Meat 2 when he absolutely had to though, he’s a strong player and is excellent at the political game.

  4. Fun fact, before the ruins Kenny and Wes were friends. Kenny even said on the inferno3 after ct went home ” I hope that our new teammate is my man Wes or Evan “

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