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MTV Wants to Know Who You Want on Challenge 24

We have yet to see a sign of Real World Portland premiering on MTV, but buzz for Challenge 24 continues to grow.

MTV’s official Remote Control blog has made a post asking who you want to see on challenge 24. As of 9:51 on February 6th, Laurel is the leading female and CT is the leading male. Of course, this post probably means little. However, it does add to the likelihood that another challenge is on the way!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate that they’ve let us vote. It makes me wonder on how they could twist things in the future. It’d be great if we the viewers got to vote on who is eliminated. Of course that would be difficult execute but who knows. They could really be crazy one year and try something other shows never really do. Give us the cast list, we vote who gets eliminated but we also vote on when. This way when alliances form and it is episode 5 for example….suddenly the alliance leader gets cut because that is how the votes came down early on. Of course production/TJ would keep that a secret. But it would really spice things up…just some crazy thoughts. Lol.

    PS – I just pray I never have to see Jonna again. She is by far my least favorite. I can hardly tolerate the sight of her.

  2. The Top 5 Guys I want are
    1. CT
    2. Kenny
    3. Wes
    4. Johnny
    5. Chet

    The Top 5 Girls I want are
    1. Sarah
    2. Shauvon
    3. Casey
    4. Emily
    5. Ruthie

  3. Top 5 guys I want to see:

    1.) Kenny

    2.) Evan

    3.) Derrick

    4.) Johnny

    5.) Wes
    Top 5 girls I want to see:

    1.) Ev

    2.) Laurel

    3.) Susie

    4.) Sarah

    5.) KellyAnn

    I don’t ever want to see

    1.) Jonna

    2.) Frank

    3.) Zach

    4.) Jasmine

    5.) Ty

  4. Girls
    1. Trishelle
    2. Coral
    3. Ruthie
    4. Nany
    5. Deim
    1. CT
    2. Mark
    3. Landon
    4. Dustin
    5. Wes
    Love these Peeps!

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