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Real World and Challenges- Where Are the Marathons?

I feel like every time I turn on MTV, I see a marathon of one of the following shows: Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Snookie & J-WOW, Jersey Shore, Buckwild…basically anything but The Challenge or Real World.

Hello MTV…I’m still on your network but you tend to forget about me.

As established staples in MTV’s lineup, I’ve always wondered why these shows don’t receive the same respect? Sure, the plots of individual seasons don’t build on each other, but fans of the shows have been watching for years. I am not convinces that airing older seasons would be a complete waste. And I’m not talking about airing seasons such as Real World Boston or Battle of the Sexes. I think airing seasons from that past couple of years would be reasonable. Seasons whose cast members are still active in the MTV community.

Challenge fans, start Tweeting @MTV to let them know you want this. Remember these shows, because they’re still on MTV.



  1. I completely agree. I’d love to see Hawaii or Austin again. Those have been my favorite seasons. I’ve always wondered why they never release them on DVD. I’m sure they’d sell well. Maybe they don’t re-air the show because it is not considered “reality tv” in their minds. Those seem to be the shows they air a lot. Maybe they consider it “drama”. Regardless, seems stupid to just forever archive so many years.

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