Challenge 24 Cast Speculation

If anyone has been following, there is some speculation about the cast for the upcoming challenge. I’d like to share this information with everyone in this post. Remember, departure date is supposed to be on March 24th, so we’ll hopefully have a better cast list then.

Remember, nothing is official yet.

Speculated cast:

Paula- Based off of her interview on Evan’s podcast. Claims she was having the contract sent to her.

Johnny- Based off of what Evan and Paula said.

Diem- Based off of what Paula said.

Tyler- Paula alluded to it, and he had posted some suspicious tweets.

CT- Rumors that he is leaving his spring break appearance early to attend the challenge.

Trey- Apparently dropped out of his spring break appearance to train for this challenge.

Jonna- This picture that says “good luck” and “win money”:

Frank – Frequent gym visits, highly speculated

Sarah- Going to the gym with Frank

Zach- Many people speculate him being on the challenge

Nany- Many people speculate her being on the challenge

Leroy & Naomi- Were scheduled to appear at a Real World Portland premier party with Joi, Nia, and Naomi. Dropped out of the appearance. (Premier date is March 27 and the challenge starts around March 24).

Chet- Highly speculated, we do know he received an availability call

Robb- Frequently posing about the gym and his desire to bulk up

Kenny- Susie mentioned that he got a call for this challenge

We also know that Evan got an availability call, but he claims that he is not more than a fan of the show at this point. Remember, this is just speculation. I know that some people are just being speculated with no real reasoning behind it. I’ve been following casting for the challenges since Battle of the Sexes 2. It’s very common for these “highly speculated” cast members end up on the show.


The following people have made tweets recently about going for testing OR took day-long trips to NYC OR alluded to doing one of these things. This means that they may be undergoing testing for the challenge. Remember, alternates get test too. Just because someone is getting testing done does not guarantee their attendance.

Trey- Day trip to NYC

Wes- Day trip to LA

Nany- Day trip to NYC

Naomi- Responded to Nany and said she had the same commitment

Trishelle- Trip to NYC. Also mentioned that she’d be seeing Jemmye soon.

Marlon- Day trip to NYC

Anastasia- Posted that she had a boring medical test scheduled

Theresa- Trip to LA

Jessica- Got testing done

Jemmye- Trip to NYC

Dunbar- Slept in a NYC airport

Camilia- Trip to NYC

Zach- Trip to NYC

Jordan- Trip to NYC



2 thoughts on “Challenge 24 Cast Speculation

  1. Robb is gonna be on it. Dude has tweeted about hitting the gym super hard. He wouldn’t be making 3 trips to the gym per day to maintain overall health.

  2. I’m slightly annoyed. It seems like 50% of the speculated cast is from the last challenge. That personally bores me.

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