10 People that Need to Be on Challenge 24

Not too long until Challenge 24 starts filming! (about 3 weeks) However, this means that there is still time to gather more people to participate in the upcoming challenge. Let’s check out people that I think need to appear on the show. Remember, this is just an opinion list. No one is confirmed.

CT (last seen on Battle of the Exes)


MTV’s most beloved badass needs to come back. Why? Because it’s time for him to win. Plus, he’s a fan favorite. More viewers will watch just to see him.

Diem (last seen on Battle of the Exes)


After recovering from another battle with ovarian cancer, Diem is an established fighter. A lot of people have a soft spot for her and root for her in the challenge. If she’s able to compete, she ought to.

Adam (last seen on Rivals)


As an avid challenge fan, I wasn’t always the biggest fan of Adam. However, I know quite a few casual Real World and Challenge fans that LOVED Adam. If MTV wants to reel in these people again, Adam may be the guy to do it.

Laurel (last seen on Rivals)


A lot of people on the challenges will say something like “fuck with me an I’ll fuck with you ten times harder.” Laurel doesn’t say that, she just does that. Once we got to know a different side of Laurel on challenges such as Cutthroat and Rivals, fans started loving her. She’s a strong competitor and interesting to watch.

Landon (last seen on Fresh Meat 2)


Landon is one of, if not the, strongest challenge competitors. He has 3 wins under his belt and has achieved this without needing to rely on alliances. If MTV wants to break up the alliance mentality on the challenges, they need to give Landon a call.

Kellyanne (last seen on The Ruins)


Kellyanne is often considered on of the strongest females on the shows, but I’m still not convinced. I think she’s be able to prove this label correct by appearing on another challenge. Plus, she’s good looking and good for drama. A perfect challenger.

Isaac (last seen on The Duel 2)


Isaac is a fan favorite because he has a good personality and cracks a few jokes. He’s a breath of fresh air in the challenge house. Plus, if this challenge is veterans vs. rookies, he’d be an old school rookies. Not too many of those available to compete on the challenge!

Marie (last seen on Battle of the Seasons)


She describes herself as a “bad bitch.” Others describe her as “Staten Island trash.” I describe her as a perfect candidate for Challenge 24.

Frank (last seen on Battle of the Seasons)


Frank is a rookie champion, and probably a smarter competitor than most people give him credit for. I know many people hate him, but I’d like to see how he does in a house that isn’t mostly rookies. If he can pull off a second win, then he really is the mastermind he claims to be.

Coral (last see on the Gauntlet 3)


Perhaps this is a stretch, but I will never count Coral out. She’s an old school favorite with a loud bark and a big bite. We need more Coral in this world.

I know many of you will disagree with me, so comment and let me know who you want on the next challenge!!!

12 thoughts on “10 People that Need to Be on Challenge 24

  1. yes to ct, diem, landon, laurel, kellyanne, wouldn’t mind seeing Cohutta again love him. and maybe coral kinda iffy on her

  2. I was okay with some of the list . . . even Laurel, who’s best talent is unhinging her jaw and sucking out a person’s soul. But Adam Royer is a jackass, and Frank is basically a beta model for Colton Cumbie.

  3. I am liking your picks. CT and Diem are definitely a MUST (that is, if she is ready to compete..)

    I would LOVE to have Coral back, but I’m not sure if she could survive long without other old school people.

  4. Coral has said she may do another one, and Trishelle has hinted that Coral and Trishelle both want to do another challenge together. Coral also said that she was asked for Exes (her partner would have been Abram) but she said no, but that she would have gone had she known Aneesa and Rachel were taking part.

  5. Lefal issues aside, I think they should bring back Kenny and Evan. No one can disagree that MTV would gain more viewers with them on.

  6. Hands down Landon is the all time best. The competitors have all said it. The females, (including but not limited to Lauren, EV, Rachel and Emily) when asked who they would pick if they had their choice in partners…across the board said Landon

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