5 Reasons You NEED to Watch Real World Portland!

One more week until the premier of Real World Portland!! If you’re not excited yet, I’m going to give you a few reasons you ought to be excited!


1. Portland is a new land for the Real World, that is. There are a lot of places in the US that MTV has not taken The Real World. Portland many not have been my top pick, but it’s definitely not a bad pick. And chances are you’re unfamiliar with Portland so you might learn something about a new location. If you are from Portland, you can look into the background and point out the places you’re familiar with.

2. Romance is coming and everyone loves a good roommate romance. Who is going to be this season’s lovebirds? The only way to find out is to watch (or you could just look up spoilers, but I recommend the former).

3. Something shocking is coming. I don’t know what it is, but if you watch the preview something so shocking happened that Anastasia’s mouth “just dropped.” Plus MTV has an article on their blog about shocking Real World moments. Foreshadowing?

4. A hurricane is coming and the weatherman didn’t predict it. It’s called Hurricane Nia. Once she gets into the house, she’s guaranteed to stir something up. Looks like this season will be packed with drama.

5. What the fuck else are you gonna watch on MTV? Seriously, all the good shows are gone. Catfish ended. Teen Mom is the same shit every week. Jersey Shore is over. In my opinion, this is the only show worth watching on the network. So watch it.


One thought on “5 Reasons You NEED to Watch Real World Portland!

  1. Two things. First, anything featuring Rob Dyrdek is instantly the best thing on MTV, including a show that should’ve been put to sleep years ago. Secondly, you forgot the dog. She’s probably smarter than at least half the cast. And she continues a proud tradition of canines on BMP shows . . . from Gouda and LeRoy to Menudo and X the X-Treme Puppy.

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