10 “Blame it on the Alcohol” Moments

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I figured it would be a good time to stroll down memory lane and remember some of the dumbest alcohol-related moments in Real World history. From the looks of it, Real World Portland will be plagued with its share of dumb moments, so get ready to add some more moments to this list.

Montana’s Fired (Real World Boston)- Getting fired is never fun, but Montana got fired for something dumb and easily preventable…giving wine to a child. Sure, it was just a sample, but it was such a dumb decision I had to include it on this list.


Ruthie’s Revenge (Real World Hawaii)- Drinking and driving don’t mix, and let Ruthie’s behaviors be a lesson to you. After almost getting alcohol poisoning, she decided to go out drinking and drunkenly drive the cast’s car home. Production was less than happy, and required your to go to rehab or leave the Hawaii house.

Aneesa Looses the Keys (Real World Chicago)– If you give Aneesa a drink, Aneesa is going to have to pee. If Aneesa needs to pee, she will do so in a back alley. And while in this back alley, she will drop the cars keys and lose them. This is precisely what happened in Chicago and Aneesa had to pay to get the car’s locks replaced. All things considered, a lot worse could happen while hanging out in a dark alley.


Brad and Robin Get Arrested (Real World San Diego)– This is perhaps the most memorable arrest ever on The Real World. Robin got into an altercation while trying to get into a club. Brad decided to scream at a police officer while leaving a club. Both ended up spending a night in jail. Oopsies!

Knife to Meet You (Real World Philadelphia)– When Melanie brought some friends back to the Real World Philly house, she may have anticipated Landon being drunk. But when Landon greeted her friends, he had a knife in his back pocket. Nothing terrible came from the incident, but the irony of the situation was the t-shirt Landon was wearing that read “huggable.”


Boston Brawl on Austin Streets (Real World Austin)– Austin didn’t have too many friendly things in store for Danny. In fact, on the first night he got into a fight after leaving a club and hurt his eye. Perhaps the silver lining was Melinda got to be his nurse.

Shauvon Needs Cheese (Real World Sydney)- A drunken Shauvon became angry with Parisa because Parisa was not cooking her enough food. Parisa said she’d cook for Shauvon, but was unable to fulfill Shauvon’s complicated grilled cheese request due to inadequate ingredients. When the boys defended Parisa, Shauvon got into a screaming war with Cohutta and threw a glass at him. The moral: Shauvon needs to eat.


Bron’s Away (Real World Cancun)- Perhaps Bronne knows not to play with fire, but he didn’t know not to play with fire extinguishers. He decided to spray and extinguisher off of the hotel balcony, then throw the extinguisher over the edge. As a result he got kicked out of the Real World hotel…but not off the show.

Ty’s Pushing Match (Real World DC)- First, Ty pushed Emily. Then, Ty drunkly pushed Andrew off the balcony. Andrew went to the hospital, and Ty said he’d stop drinking. Too bad it was a lie.

adam, real world

Avalanche Adam (Real World Back to Las Vegas)- Adam was know for his reckless drinking habits. He had been removed from clubs at the hotel, but his worst episode was when to returned to the Real World Suite and knocked everything off of the wall and caused a big mess. Adam was unable to clean up the mess and all of his problems, so he was sent packing.

Keep in mind, these are not all the drunken moments in Real World history. If I forgot on, please comment below!

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