Top Moments From RW Portland Episode 1

Just like I did last season for Battle of the Seasons, I will be posting the top five most exciting moments from The Real World Portland. If you want a real recap, I can point you in the right direction. Or just watch the episode.

1. The Cast Arrives!


The cast arrivals are always fun. This season, Avery and her puppy Daisy were the first into the house followed by Jordan. Then Anastasia. Jessica and Johnny met at the airport and were the next two to arrive. Finally, Marlon and Joi met in the city and arrived in a bike-drawn-carriage.

2. Menage a Trois


While clubbin’ Jordan meets a charming young lady who is in an 11-year relationship. However, the relationship has its open moments, and this lady starts hitting on Jordan. What happens next is the real shocker. No, they don’t have sex in a club bathroom… this woman introduces Jordan to her HUSBAND. What a lovely way to get introduced to Portland!

3. Javery


A rando at the club starts hitting on Avery. Though she’s a grown woman that can handle herself, Johnny steps in to push the guy away. Appreciative of the gesture, Avery starts dancing with Johnny, which leads to a quick makeout session in a poorly lit corner of the club. ROMANCE!

4. Enjoi the Photo


Joi is tired of living a lie and decides to tell her roommate about her Playboy past. OK… she really just wanted to show off her booty. And it worked! Marlon was impressed by the photo and Johnny proclaimed that he wanted to talk to Joi’s butt.

5. Portland Hospitality


Anastasia gets mad at the boys from ranking the girls in terms of their looks. However, tensions really boil over when Jordan and Marlon bring home two girls after a night out. Then they drunkenly crash on the couch, and Johnny sends the girls packing. Anastasia thinks this is really disrespectful, and calls Jordan out on it. They start a screaming war, and then Jordan spills Anastasia’s wine on the ground. As the argument happened, poor little Daisy watched in fear.


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