Real World Portland Ratings: Slow and Low

What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real? That’s a question that many people are unable to answer. Not too many people tuned into the first episode of Real World Portland last night. The show premiered to dismal ratings.


To be blatantly honest, these ratings fucking blow. I think we need a savior.

15 thoughts on “Real World Portland Ratings: Slow and Low

  1. Those are bad numbers. After watching Real World New York and San Francisco over the weekend and then watching this…bleh. It just wasn’t good television. And then once I saw Nia’s actions on the “this season on the Real World,” it just feels like Bunim-Murray is trying to channel Bad Girls Club. The Challenge can’t come soon enough…

  2. Every season first season reflect the ratings of last season:

    San Diego 2 premiere was high because of Vegas ratings, but then it went down hill after people though it was lame.

    DC got bad ratings , the first episode of New Orleans wasn’t good but it went up and up each episode till hitting 2.0

    Vegas was good , since it was after another descent ratings wise season.

    This season was after St.Tomas which did horrible, you can expect to go from 0.980 that was st,.Thomas too 2.0. If people lie it they will tune in and hopefully it happen what happened wit NOLA2 that it wen up every episode.

  3. St Tomas was unlucky BC the second episode was the forth of July and also honey boo boo was on at the same time, I feel like the viewers for Portland will go up when duck dynasty has its season final bc last weeks episode of dd got over 8 million viewers

    1. St Thomas really got a raw deal. 4th of July, summer Olympics, the dish network strike. It’s no surprise that people lost interest. And I hope that’s true about Duck Dynasty, but I don’t really feel that Duck Dynasty and The Real World have the same target audience, but who knows.

  4. The problem is we live in the year 2013 where all anyone has to do is record their favorite shows with the click of their remote. Unfortunately so many people do this and it’s not counted as a view. When in fact it is being watched. If there was a way to include it, I can guarantee the ratings would be much higher.

    1. You have a point, but the true rating is the “share” that the network receives for their program. That’s the 0.4 rating seen on the screen shot. That means that 0.4% of all people watching their TV during the time RW Portland was on tuned into the program.

      1. I understand. But people do record shows and watch it a different day. =( I do it all the time. I have been trying to tune it so the ratings of my favorite shows don’t drop, but find it very hard.

  5. Ive come to the conclusion that I love the challenge more than the real world! And the reason is seeing older cast members. The real world is not what it used to be. They are trying to hard. After Austin it just went downhill.

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