Real World Portland Cast: First Impressions

First episodes leave first impressions!

I’d like to share my first impressions of the new Portland kids with you. Perhaps we agree, maybe we disagree. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks!

Anastasia- The most sensitive one of the group. I think she’ll have a lot to say this season, and the rest of the cast will learn to deal with her. I don’t think she’ll be involved in major drama later on in the season, but I think she had the hardest time getting adjusted to all of the personalities in the house.

Avery– I can tell that she will be the center of some type of controversy this season. She seems confident, which might be a good thing. It also seems like she will stand by her opinion and argue when she has to.

Jessica– The most sheltered of the group. I think she comes from a more conservative background than others, and many things will come as a shock to her. While I think she will be open to next experiences, I think an disapproval she has of others will be unwelcome.

Johnny– Loud, funny, and outspoken. I think his humor may be misconstrued and problems will arise from this. I don’t think he’s looking for problems but I don’t think he’ll avoid them. Plus, Johnny and Avery may become a thing this season.

Joi– Sexual. She looks good and isn’t afraid to show it. Guys may love it, girls won’t like it. So far she seems to get along with everyone, but I think it’s only a matter of time until she forms enemies.

Jordan– I think he’s laid back 95% of the time, and the other 5% he’ll be off his rocker. No middle ground. He’s definitely and interesting cast member and he may stick his nose into problems.

Marlon– Another guy that seems laid back and fun. I think he’s a joker, but the girls may not be receptive of his jokes. I think it will be interesting to see how he changes throughout the season.

Who is your favorite after the first episode?


6 thoughts on “Real World Portland Cast: First Impressions

    • Its ironic that Jordan, someone who was born without a hand is so quick to judge people based on appearance he of all people there show know what it is like to be judged

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