Top Moments from Real World Portland Episode 3

As the season continues, more is happening in the Portland house. While this week’s episode may not have been the most eventful, it looks like we have a major change happening next week!! Let’s check out the buzz-worthiest moments from this week.

1. Jordan Makes a Fool of Himself…AGAIN


The roomies went on a “brew cycle” where they road around on a multi-person bike and drank beer at 4 different bars. Unsurprisingly, Jordan got really drunk. This week, he annoyed not only Jessica but also Johnny and Marlon. The rest of the house tried to ditch Jordan, but he followed them to the next bar.

2. Joiful Goodbye


Joi’s departure last night may have been the least eventful in Real World history. Her reasoning… the show just isn’t for her. It seems that she was bored most of the time, but the final straw was being required to work at a job in food service for money. She has a college degree and was not willing to degrade herself to working for minimum wage. In other words, she wanted to live in the Real World house for free, show her Playboy pics to the world, and complain about working for 15 hours a week.

3. Jessica Finds Love!


Jessica finds a nice boy named Tyler who is so tall that he has earned the nickname Paul Bunyan. His most interesting life facts was that he ate his first orange at age 17, but Jessica thinks he’s hot. That’s all that matters, right?

4. Shitty Love


Johnny, Marlon, Avery, and Jordan are selected to work at a local pizza place by the University of Portland campus. After their first day, the four of them relax at the restaurant and have a few beers and a few drinks. Johnny decides that it’s a good idea to bang Avery in the restaurant bathroom. Romantic!!

1. Hurricane Nia Approaches


At the end of the episode, Nia called the house and said she’d be moving in. I guess she’ll be arriving next episode. But when she called the roommates she put on a fake southern accent and said she was white and Cherokee. Will the cast be shocked to see a black girl?! Tune in and find out!


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