Is Rivals 2 On the Way?

If you have been reading any spoilers about the next challenge… and I’m not going to post these spoilers on my site… you may have noticed that many of the people that have been eliminated from the show have beef with each other.

According to molds from vevmo there’s a pretty high chance that the next challenge is Rivals 2.

Let’s check out some potential rival partnerships. I want to make it clear, that these are not official but are just speculations. I welcome people to post their speculation in the comments section, but please refrain from posting spoilers.


1. Jordan and Marlon… probably from upcoming RW Portland fights. Only logical way they could be rivals.

2. Derek and Robb… based on their shoving match from Battle of the Seasons.

3. Trey and Zach… because Zach didn’t like him on Battle of the Seasons. Trey resisted the rookie revolution.

4. Wes and CT… based on the looooong fight on Rivals and argument during The Duel.

5. Preston and Knight… Because Knight has always been mildly rude to Preston.

6. Dunbar and Tyrie… Some silly nonsense from Rivals, and fans of the show will breathe a collective sigh of relief if they’re both eliminated at the same time.

7. Johnny and Frank… twitter BS?

8. Leroy and Ty… Who knows?


1. Anastasia and Jessica… probably because of an upcoming fight on Real World Portland? Neither of them would have other rivals.

2. Jemmye and Camila… Jemmye fought with Camila on a bus during Battle of the Seasons.

3. Trishelle and Sarah… one time Trishelle tried to eliminate Sarah.

4. Paula and Emily… weren’t fond of each other on Battle of the Exes.

5. Theresa and Jasmine… fought on Rivals, resulting in Jasmine punching a mirror and getting 7 challenges of bad luck.

6. Diem and Aneesa… fought really quickly one time on The Duel.

7. Cooke and Naomi… disliked each other on Real World Las Vegas.

8. Nany and Jonna… fights from Battle of the Seasons?

Who knows? I would like a Rivals 2, but not with this cast.


22 thoughts on “Is Rivals 2 On the Way?

  1. It’s way too early for a Rivals 2. These partnerships suck (as rivals).
    What about the speculation of Cara Maria filling in for someone?

  2. All of those seem so far fetched. The first time around most of the teams were actual rivals. These match ups just seem like too far of a reach

  3. Modls has been wrong before like with cutthroat so I’m hoping its a new format also they have been wrong when it comes to eliminatetions, thinking that jeyme got eliminated with Preston

  4. the comment about dunbar and tyrie made me rofl so hard
    but i agree these rivalries arent that bad to even compare the ones that were in the 1st season
    wouldnt mind a gauntlet but i know that there arent enough people…
    maybe a new concept? or how about duels 3

  5. Does anyone have any idea of what the format is going to be? I really dont think itll be rivals 2. I see it being called “The Ruins 2″ but the format will be vets vs rookies.

  6. If this is Rivals 2, these match-ups are far-fetched and not very good. Wes and CT and possibly Paula and Emily are the only match-ups that make any sense. And even Paula and Emily is stretching it; based on tweets from Emily, MTV made that situation out to be way more than it was.

    • Paula sent Emily in, she was mad then Emily got mad that ty slept with Paula. And at the sliding challenge Emily eliminated Paula. Not to mention the fact Emily sent Paula home in exes and cutthroat

  7. I really don’t feel like it’s Rivals 2 already, especially with this cast. A Ruins with Vets vs. Rookies would work for guys, but not girls.
    Vet Males. Rookie Males
    ———— —————–
    CT Jordan
    Wes Marlon
    Leroy Zach
    Dunbar Frank
    Derek Preston
    Tyrie Knight
    Johnny Trey
    Ty Robb

    Vet Females Rookie Females
    ————— ——————–
    Diem Cooke
    Aneesa Naomi
    Camilla Nany
    Trishelle Jessica
    Sarah Anastasia
    Paula Jessica
    Jonna Jemmye

    There would be two more girls on Vets than rookies. What I think is that this challenge won’t have teams, like the Island 2 or a Duel 3. People have wanted a Duel 3 for a long time now, and I think it’ll work so we can see how everyone performs solo.

  8. it cant be rivals 2 already its got to be vets vs rookies, and out of anything if leroy is partnerd with ty then leroy got bailed out for the finals and i think molds is wrong about the ty and leroy elimination, if it is rivals 2 i think wes/leroy makes alot of sense remember when leroy eliminated wes in battle of the exes? i cant see ty/leroy on the same team they didnt really have beef they done an after show on battle exes. Molds is all wrong

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