Real World Portland

Real World Portland Episode 4: Top 5 Moments

With the arrival of the newest Real World Portland roomie, we have some exciting new moments on the fourth episode of Real World Portland. Let’s check out this week’s hot topics:

1. Nia’s Shitty Arrival


Right at the beginning of the episode, we saw Nia arrive at the Portland house. All the roommates greeted her, except for Johnny who was on the toilet. Initial responses were mixed, but the roommate didn’t think her thumb-sucking habit was that odd. They did, however, think she was odd when she mentioned that she believes a clothes ghost follows her around and stole her mustard-colored pants. No one’s clothing is safe.

2. Nia Cracks Avery


At first, Avery was really skeptical of Nia. However, once the two got to talking Nia was able to break down Avery’s walls and learn about her past experiences with her family. Nia was able to relate to Avery and paid her plenty of compliments. Ultimately, Avery confessed that she thinks Nia will do fine in the Portland house.

3. For the Love of Marlon


All Marlon wanted in the house was a sexy female, and Nia fit the bill perfectly. The flirting between the two started almost instantly, and the roommates seemed supportive of their new found connection. Of course, some thing are just too good to last…

4. Marlon and Nia’s Secret Revealed


During a late night conversation, Marlon confessed his past experience with a man. Nia didn’t seem phased by it, and their connection continued to blossom. Then, Nia confessed her story of sexual assault when she was 18. The sad moral of the story: despite the fact that evidence pointed to Nia being the victim in the situation, the assaulter was rich and able to avoid any charges. Despite this unfortunate event, Nia seems to hold her head high. She mentioned that she is the type of person that likes to win in the end, and doesn’t want this one event to dictate her life.

5. The Skinny on Nia and Jordan


Nia is convinced that Jordan’s argumentative nature stems from the fact that he has a small penis. Logically, she now wants to see his penis. So she offered to relieve his stressed by giving him mind-blowing head. She tells Jordan that she wants to “suck the skin off your dick,” and he reluctantly agrees. Once she gets his pants off, they start making out on her bed, but Nia wants one more thing: AN AUDIENCE. So they move to the pool table, and the screen fades to black.

Next week on the Real World: Will Jordan’s head be blown by Nia? Watch to find out!!

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