Real World

Biggest Sex Scandals in Real World History

MTV’s Real World has not problem talking about the dirty stuff, and yes, by that I mean SEX. Last week, we saw the beginning of Nia and Jordan’s shocking pool table sex act. Let’s backtrack and check out some of the times that we were shocked by sexual behaviors on The Real World.

Miami- 3 People, 1 Shower


Miami roommates Mike and Melissa were joined by a local waitress for a night of fun in the Real World house. They started by jumping in the water together, but their activities were later moved to Dan’s shower. As the three of them “showered” together Flora, Sarah and Dan stood by a small window on the bathroomwall hoping to get a peak. Flora was so desperate to see what was happening that Sarah tried to prop her through the window. The glass broke and Flora never made it into the bathroom, but it was a nice try.

Seattle- David’s Love Cries

Rules were broken during the Seattle season when David started dating a casting director. She was fired from her job for dating David, and then invited David for a ride. She broke up with David, and David cried to her claim that his love wasn’t enough.

New Orleans- Danny’s Faceless Love

The original New Orleans season was filmed during a time when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was very much in effect. Danny’s boyfriend Paul was in the military, and whenever he was on camera his face was blurred out to protect his identity. Years later, after being discharged, Paul’s uncensored face appeared on TV.

Las Vegas- Love and Hot Tubs


The Real World Suite during the Vegas season featured a small hot tub, and the cast knew how to use it! During one of the first nights of the season Trishelle, Stephen, and Brynn participated in a three-way make out session. Unfortunately for Brynn, she ended up being the third wheel. Trishelle and Stephen continued their romance outside of the hot tub.

Philadelphia- One Poppin’ Vacation


Landon and Shavonda were undoubtedly the golden couple of the Philly house. While on vacation, the two were in bed together and finally did the deed. Landon had been waiting all season for this moment, but Shavonda had been waiting her whole life for this moment.

Key West- Tyler’s Normal Hookup

Homosexual hookups are not foreign to the Real World house, so when Tyler brought another guy home it wasn’t a huge shock…except to Svetlana. This guys reminded her of her loving boyfriend Martin. Because she was reminded of her boyfriend, she began to question his sexuality, and the rest of the house thought she was crazy…as usual.

Denver- Roommate Roulette


Within the first few episode of Real World Denver Colie fell for Alex, who fell for Jenn and slept with Jenn. Later, he decided he was into Colie so he slept with Colie. The Jenn decided to kiss Brooke in the hot tub while Tyrie watched. All this happened while Davis was coming out of the closet and Stephen was reading the Bible.

Cancun- Lovers and Enemies


Ayiiia HATED Joey at the beginning of the season, and was pumped when he was kicked off the cast for getting fired from his job. When he returned for the last episode, the two were able to become friends… and then lovers. The two hooked up. Ayiiia immediately regretted this, but Joey felt accomplished.

Las Vegas 2- Dustin’s Hidden Past


Dustin and Heather seemed to be the perfect couple, until his past was discovered. He had been employed by a porn site, appearing on camera naked and “hanging out” with other men. After getting over the fact that Dustin hid this secret and confirming his heterosexuality, Heather was willing to give Dustin another chance.

San Diego 2- Frank’s Shower Shocker


Frank’s roommate Nate, Zach, and Ashley were a bit uncomfortable with him having sex with another man. When he finally found a partner to take home, they were slightly odded out… until the found out Frank had sex in the shower, a public location. Then they were REALLY odded out and disgusted. One condom, and many screams later, the roommates were able to move past this shocker.

Portland- Put Your Penis Where Your Mouth Is


Convinced that Jordan’s argumentative nature stem from having a small penis, Nia wants to see his penis. So, she offered him some mind-blowing head. As it stands now, Jordan is almost naked and Nia has him on the pool table. Will all be exposed? Watch Wednesday’s episode to find out!

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