Real World Portland Episode 6: Top Moments

This week we saw Nia’s relationship with most of the house start to deteriorate. In the future, I see the downward spiral continuing but for now let’s check out what happened on Wednesday night:

1. Jordan Gets Rejected…kind of


At the beginning of the episode we see Jordan meet a charming young woman named Molli. They decided to go on a date, but on the night of the date Molli forgets her wallet and is running late. After about 2 hours, Jordan decides that she’s not worth waiting for and goes out without her. Unfortunately for Molli, she did not stand Jordan up. Eventually she calls the house and explains the hellish night she went through, only to find out Jordan wouldn’t wait for her.

2. Daisy Disaster


Poor Daisy! She got attacked at the dog park and had to go to the vet. Jordan insisted that she was just cut, and the roommates could treat her with a common household stapler. He was wrong. Daisy needed stitches, and had really been hurt by the other dog.

3. Workophobic


Nia joins Marlon, Averey, Johnny, and Jordan as an employee at Pizza Schmizza. In this episode, we find out that she’s a terrible employee. She hates working, can’t keep the orders straight, and at one point she hides outside of the restaurant to talk on the phone and smoke a cigarette. Her work problems extend beyond Schmizza. Apparently, she had dated many high profile athletes and Jordan deems her a “gold-digger.”

4. Lending a Hand


A recurring theme in this episode is Jordan’s insecurities with his deformed hand. He had a conversations with his new “friend” Vanessa about it, and says that it lowers his self confidence. He could have surgery to replace it, but he pride won’t let him do this. Throughout the episode we also hear Nia make petty jokes about his hand.

1. Jordan & Nia’s Blowout


One night, Jordan returns and it very drunk. Of course, Nia seizes this opportunity to poke fun at Jordan. Things escalate when she brings over a box of Cheerios and Jordan spits some out at Nia. At this point Nia grabs an alarm block and threatens to bust Jordan’s face open with it. The fight gets worse after Jordan repeatedly spits Cheerios in Nia’s face and follows her to her bedroom. At this point Jordan makes jokes about Nia’s race and does a monkey impression. Not only is Nia offended by this, but Marlon is as well. Nia wants to smack Jordan with a lamp, but refrains because she doesn’t want to be sent home.

We saw Nia’s reaction to Jordan’s behaviors, but next week we will see how Marlon responds.


One thought on “Real World Portland Episode 6: Top Moments

  1. I think the responsible party for Jordan and Nia’s situation is the house mates that told her when she came in the door that jordon was a asshole (not in those words) .. She didnt believe y’all and y’all kept insisting she would find out!! Therefore she said she would give him a taste of his own medicine you guys where fine with it…she realized she went to far after he choked and spit on her, that’s when she left his room BUT when Jordan followed her into her room while she was undressed and she asked him too leave ( let me remind you that he already put his hands on her and spit on her) he would not … This would have never occurred if they would’ve let Nia have her own observation of Jordan

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