How To Play the Game

On this week’s episode of Real World Portland, Nia revealed her passion in life- she want to be an author. At the start of the episode we see Nia working on her book titled How to Play the Game.


Is there a market for this type of book? Personally, I think that this idea could work. Right now the current trend in television is (insert professional sport here) Wives. So, if Nia want to publish the book, now is the time. I think she needs to get the book out there soon while there is still buzz around the topic, because it’s only a matter of time until people become uninterested in dating pro athletes OR every pro athlete has been devoured by a Kardashian.

Of course, Nia could reach out to fellow Real Worlder Tami who is currently on VH1’s Basketball Wives. She knows it takes to collect child support from date a pro athlete.

But I’m interest to hear what you think. Could this book be popular?


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