Real World Portland

Real World Portland: Mid-Season Favorites

We have now seen six episodes of Real World Portland, and if the season follows a typical Real World schedule, we’re half way done. Here I’m going to reveal my favorites this season, but I welcome anyone and everyone to comment with their favorites.



Nia: Whether you love her or hate her, Nia is interesting. The Real World needs more stand out characters, and I think Nia has definitely made her presence know. She’s only been on the show for half of the episodes, but so far I like her a lot.

Anastasia: Apparently this is an unpopular opinion, but I love Ana. I think she’s funny without being overly obnoxious. When I watch The Real World I usually like the crazy ones and the level-headed ones, and I think she’s pretty level-headed without being a snoozefest.


Marlon: He’s really relaxed. I feel like he’s present for most of the episodes, but rarely a central character. Even when his secret was revealed, he wasn’t the star of the episode.

Johnny: Love my Massholes! I anticipated not liking Johnny, but I really do like him more than expected. I think him and Averey are good together, but that one episode where they fought the hole time was annoying.

Averey: She’s another level-headed person, although she sometimes finds her in the center of problems. Much like Johnny, she was annoying on the episode where she fought with Johnny the whole time.

Jessica: I like her…I really do, but she hasn’t been involved in much other than fights with Jordan and dating Tyler.


Jordan: He’s argumentative and obnoxious. Sometimes I like argumentative people, but I don’t like Jordan. He doesn’t know when to stop, and he fights for no reason.

Joi: She left. I wouldn’t have done that.

Who’s your favorite?



  1. Nia = sociopath
    Jordan = targeted unfairly
    Jess = waste of a cast member, unintelligent and fatter by the episode
    Johnny = decent dude, fun to watch
    Avery = standard unstable hot chick with daddy issues (hence the dog)
    Marlon = clearly cast for challenges, needs to stop siding with Nia
    Bird = actual reasonable human being
    Joi = gone so who cares

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