Real World Las Vegas 2

Dustin and Heather headed to Couple’s Therapy

One of my favorite Real World couples will be appearing on season 3 of VH1’s flop hit show Couple’s Therapy that will premier on June 19 at 10 PM.


I’m not really sure why that have to attend couples therapy. Seems like they’ve doing well together. Hopefully they get paid to appear on this show.

They will join a cast featuring Flavor Flav and his fiance, Joe Francis (direct of Girls Gone Wild) and some girl, rapper Chingy and his girlfriend, and fellow MTV stars Caitlin and Tyler from Teen Mom 1 who will literally do anything to milk their “fame.”

I don’t think they belong on this show, but I still like them.


  1. I would have great hesitation, if not rejection, going out with a guy who has been in porn. Moreso if he was in homosexual porn. I don’t think I could handle that. It would be hard because I’d always wonder if the guy was truly straight. Any guy who does this sort of thing (I don’t care how much $) has got to have some homosexual proclivities. I just could not trust him. He claims he was just clueless, but I don’t buy it. If he was penniless in LA, he could’ve gotten some other job; like at McDonalds. However, this guy chose another route and clearly enjoyed it. Nope, I’ll pass. I wonder what Heather is doing with him. (?) If she’s afraid that he might stray, she should trust her instincts.

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