RW Portland Episode 8: Top 5 Moments

It seems like everyone has a role in this week’s episode. Let’s check out who did what this week:

1. Nia Lays an Egg


At the beginning of the episode, the cast visits a sex shop. Nia decides to purchase a kegel egg to make her vag nice and firm. She then shoves that sucker up into the temple of Nia and forgets about it. The next day, it won’t come out. Worried that something is wrong, she tells Anastasia who promptly names the egg Eggbert. After doing a shitting motion, the egg falls out and Nia and the rest of the cast are relieved to see the birth of Eggbert.

2. The Jessica Show


The cast goes dirt biking! Of course, Jessica loves dirt bikes and lets everyone know that. During this day out, Averey and Anastasia spend time bonding together and ignoring Jessica. This makes Jess unhappy, and she tries to find a reason by talking to Anastasia and Averey. Essentially, the both agree that Jessica isn’t mean…they just don’t like her.

3. Nia’s Fired


Nia’s lackluster performance at Pizza Schmizza finally catches up to her. One day, she calls the restaurant to see if she is scheduled and is told she is not scheduled at all that week, yet the rest of the roommates are. So she doesn’t show up to work, and her boss assumes that she is quitting. Later, Nia explains that she was told that she was not scheduled for the day she missed but her boss still fires her. Nia leaves her job, but not without telling her boss what she’s really thinking.

4. Trapped in the [Water] Closet


Jessica voices her frustrations with Averey and Anastasia’s clique to Nia. While at a bar, Jessica continues complaining to the bathroom. Little does she know, Averey is using the bathroom and is in a stall. Averey does not want to confront the two, but Nia blocks the door and forces Averey to talk. The conversation gets nowhere, and Averey is pissed off because she was essentially locked in a bathroom.

5. Johnny Argues With His Pants Down


Johnny wants to defend his girlfriend, so he attacks Nia and Jess. He calls Nia a golddigger, and Jess fat. While Nia seems unaffected by the comments, Jessica is really upset. In retaliation, Nia insult’s Johnny’s penis size. So Johnny decides to argue with his pants down, maybe because he’s trying to prove a point??? Like all the other arguments of the night, the roommates get nowhere.

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