Seasons that Hate Doing Challenges

Every year, we get a few new seasons of  The Real World and The Challenge. Many cast members are eager to start their challenge career, but other seasons seem to breed individuals who resist the fun of a challenge. Let’s check out the most resistant seasons thus far.

Real World San Francisco


Not including Pedro, there were still seven San Fran roomies that were eligible to compete on challenges, but Puck is the only one that ever actually competed… and he disqualified himself. Sure, Jo appeared on The Gauntlet 2, but she went a little nuts and had to leave. Rachel did compete on Road Rules All Stars, but then she married her castmate Sean and never appeared on MTV again.

Real World London


Neil, Kat, Mike, and Sharon all appeared on one challenge and only one challenge. However, we have not seen anyone from the London season on a challenge since the original Battle of the Seasons…that’s 11 years and counting.

Road Rules Islands


It often feels like the Roadies were bred to compete on challenges. Even if that was true, the Island cast really didn’t care for them. Kalle competed on the first RW/RR Challenge, and Jake competed on the original Battle of the Sexes. After these two appearances, the Islands cast faded into oblivious.

Real World Chicago


Despite the fact that Aneesa and Tonya have been strong presences on The Challenge, the rest of the cast is nowhere to be found. Theo did two challenges, but the other four never set foot on challenge soil, which is a shame because they all seem athletic enough to rock a challenge.

Real World Philadelphia


Landon is known for being a beast on the challenges. MJ is known for being a token replacement cast member. The rest of the cast? Nothing. Karamo and Shavonda did The Inferno 2 with Landon, and the challenges have always been lacking representation from the Philly cast.

Real World Hollywood


Last time we saw someone from the Hollywood season was on The Ruins…which was five seasons ago. Despite Joey’s unfortunate passing, there are still 8 cast members from this season who could do challenges…yet they seem to have no interest.

Real World DC


Emily has complained that every time she’s on TV it’s “Emily and Ty.” Solution: Get your other roommates to do a challenge! The remaining six cast members have never done a challenge. Some have expressed interest, but no one else has had the courage (or invitation) required to compete.

Real World [back to] New Orleans


Fans of NOLA 2.0 waited and waited for their beloved cast to represent themselves on a challenge. No one did Cutthroat, Rivals, or Exes, despite the fact that their would have been qualifying cast members for all seasons. Luckily, they represented themselves on Battle of the Seasons, but it seems unlikely that the four cast members who didn’t appears on Seasons will ever have the chance to compete.


  1. DC was ask to be on Season but none of the girls other than Emily wanted to do them:
    1. Ashley is doing commercials and still pursing acting.
    2. Callie was Pregnant when she got the called.
    3. Erika is doing her radio hosting, she didn’t wanted to leave for almost 6 weeks to do it.
    1. Will from Hollywood wanted to do one, before battle of the seasons he tweet about it.

    1. I don’t doubt what you’re saying. Some people from the mentioned seasons want to do challenges, but the fact that their castmates are so uninterested makes them unable to fit the theme.

  2. You should do a “seasons that love doing challenges” post. Every single cast member from Vegas 2 has been on at least one Challenge now, and all but one San Diego 2 person has. I’m sure here are other seasons like that (Battle of the Seasons obviously inflated that number)

  3. I always feel like Jonna and Jasmine are representing Cancun. Is anyone else from that season going to jump in?

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