Real World Portland

RW Portland Final Episode: Top 5 Moments

The end of last night’s episode marked the closing of the 28th season of The Real World. Let’s see what happened on the explosive last episode.

1. Nia VS. Averey: Round 2


At the end of last week’s episode we saw Nia swing at Averey from behind. This week’s episode opened with the continuation of this fight. In the quick brawl, we saw both Averey and Nia land punches on each other, and of course Johnny was there in the background to break it up.

2. The Vote


After the fight, Johnny and Averey decided it would be cute to give the rest of the cast an ultimatum, either Nia left the house or they would leave. The other four members of the house got to vote. Only Jordan voted for Nia to leave, so she was not evicted from the house. Then Johnny and Averey decided they no longer felt safe with Nia in the house and left to stay in a hotel until their flight home in 3 days.

3. Marlons the Rapping Savior


Now that Johnny and Averey were gone, Nia decided it was time to deal with Jordan. She told her “thugged-out” friend Dom about Jordan, and Dom swore he’d fight Jordan. On the night of Marlon’s performance, Dom showed up. Rather than letting a fight go down, Marlon talked some sense into Dom. The fight never happened, but Marlon did tear up the stage.

4. Making Up and Moving On


Dom decided the most logical thing to do was facilitate a conversation with Nia and Jordan. For once, the two seemed to understand each other. Jordan said they were taking steps in making things better in their relationship, and the conversation ended in a hug. Perhaps there is some hope for the two of them?

5. The Last Goodbye


The final goodbye was one of the least emotional ones in Real World history. Johnny and Averey were already gone, and the remaining 5 waited outside of the house for cabs to pick them up. They hugged, cried, and Marlon chased Anastaia around with his “black mumba” one final time.


  1. This show has gotten so out of hand and thank god the challenges can hopefully become good again. RW has NEVER let anyone hit each other like that. I really do believe that this season was extremely staged if not plotted, and I will not be surprised if Nia is an actress that was hired by Bunim/Murray.

    1. I know right in Sydney someone got kicked; off for pushing someone t the floor! And on Cancun someone got kicked off for being fired! Nia is trash and a bully she needs to get off her high horse! She should have been gone but no Ana and Jess are little bitches and to scared to get rid of her

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