Rivals 2


Here was go! Cast members are now allowed to buzz about Rivals 2 and the official site it up. So, I think it’s time to give you all the information you need to know about these 32 challengers. Let’s check out their previous challenge record, and how they became rivals to begin with!

Aneesa & Diem


How the Rivalry Began: On The Duel when Aneesa promised she wouldn’t vote Diem into The Duel with her. Then Aneesa stabbed Diem in the back and voted her into The Duel. Their distrust seemed to slightly resurface on The Duel 2 when Diem was voted into the final Duel and refused to tell Aneesa which girl should would be competing against until the other girls arrived at The Duel. Ultimately, Diem selected Brittini and not Aneesa.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Aneesa-8
  • Diem-6

Elimination Round Record:

  • Aneesa- 12 (8 wins, 4 losses)
  • Diem- 5 (1 win, 4 losses)

Appearances in the Finals (bold=win):

  • Aneesa- The Gauntlet 2, The Duel 2
  • Diem- The Gauntlet 3, Battle of the Exes

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Aneesa: Strength- Not afraid of elimination rounds, and had won her fair share. Weakness- Known to have knee problems and is a poor runner. Not the best in final challenges

Diem: Strength- She’s a fighter, and usually performs well in challenges. Weakness- Usually buckles under the pressure of an elimination round

Leroy & Ty


How the Rivalry Began: On Rivals. Ty provoked Leroy’s partner Adam into punching him. This jeopardized Leroy’s game, and could have sent him home.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Leroy- 2
  • Ty- 3

Elimination Round Record:

  • Leroy- 2 (1 win, 1 loss)
  • Ty- 5 (3 wins, 2 losses)

Appearances in the Finals:

  • Leroy- Rivals
  • Ty- Battle of the Exes

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Leroy: Strength- Physically, he is one of the strongest. He eliminated Wes from Battle of the Exes in a 1-on-1 battle. He consistently impresses cast members with his physical strength. Weakness- He claims to be horrible at puzzles.

Ty: Strength- When performing at his best, he does well in physical challenges and eliminations. Weakness- notorious for “gassing out.”

Camila & Jemmye


How the Rivalry Began: On Battle of the Seasons. Irritated by Camila, Jemmye called her out on a bus ride home from the club. Jemmye even threatened to “bop” Camila.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Camila- 4
  • Jemmye- 1

Elimination Round Record:

  • Camila- 7 (4 wins, 3 losses)
  • Jemmye- 1 (1 loss)

Appearances in the Finals:

  • Camila- Battle of the Exes

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Camila: Strength- She seems to be a fearless partner who consistently impresses other cast members with her abilities. Weakness- Ever season she seems to irritate the living shit out of someone, resulting in an argument

Jemmye: Strength- With her background as a softball player, it seems likely that the competition will underestimate her athletic ability. Weakness- Knight is constantly distracting her from the game.

Wes & CT


How the Rivalry Began: On The Duel when Wes called out CT for being a sore loser. CT retaliated claiming that his family hated Wes. Their rivalry saw the light of day on Rivals when Wes decided to torment CT by saying he wanted to ensure that CT lost. Their fight lasted for hours.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Wes- 7
  • CT- 8

Elimination Round Record:

  • Wes- 15 (11 wins, 4 losses)
  • CT- 5 (3 wins, 2 losses)

Appearances in the Finals:

  • Wes- Fresh Meat, The Duel, Rivals
  • CT- The Inferno, The Inferno 2, Gauntlet 3, Battle of the Exes

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Wes: Strength- Huge threat in challenges and eliminations. Has an impressive 11 wins in elimination rounds. Weakness- Runs his mouth, which always gets him into trouble.

CT: Strength- One of the most feared competitors in challenge history. Weakness- Loud, confrontational, doesn’t know how to win a final.

Anastasia & Jessica


How the Rivalry Began: On The Real World Portland, Anastasia expressed her annoyance toward Jessica. The two had difficulty seeing eye-to-eye on many topic, leading to a lack of communication.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Anastasia- 0
  • Jessica- 0

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Anastasia: Strength- Perhaps her sense of humor will help her socially. Weakness- Likely the least athletic of the Portland girls.

Jessica: Strength- Has the Lord on her side. Weakness- Has a tendency to get under people’s skin.

Jordan & Marlon


How the Rivalry Began: On The Real World Portland Marlon was not a fan of Jordan’s confrontational behaviors. However, he exploded on Jordan after Jordan’s racists remarks during a fight with Nia.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Jordan-0
  • Marlon-0

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Jordan: Strength- His love of extreme sports will certainly help him in these competitions. Weakness- He loves to start fights, and therefore make enemies.

Marlon: Strength- Linebacker on a division 1 football team. Probably with competitions. Weakness- May be viewed as a rookie with a lot of potential, therefore he’ll be on the bottom of the totem pole.

Jasmine & Theresa


How the Rivalry Began: On Rivals, they fought with each other because their partners were fighting. Jasmine then wanted to punch Theresa, but ended up punching a mirror.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Jasmine- 3
  • Theresa- 3

Elimination Round Record:

  • Jasmine- 4 (1 win, 3 losses)
  • Theresa- 3 (3 losses)

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Jasmine: Strength- For a small girl, she packs a big punch. Weakness- She weighs 90 pounds.

Theresa: Strength- She never hesitates during competition. Always tries her hardest. Weakness- She loves to poke her nose in drama.

Robb & Derek


How the Rivalry Began: On Battle of the Seasons, the two got into a fight when Marie confronted Derek because Derek was yelling at Nany. Afterwards, Derek pushed Robb over. Later in the season the two got into another heated fight. Robb was ready to fight Derek, but by the time Robb could rip his shirt off the rest of the cast intervened and separated the two.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Robb- 1
  • Derek- 2

Elimination Round Record:

  • Robb- 2 (1 win, 1 loss)
  • Derek- 2 (2 losses)

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Robb: Strength- His height. At 6’6″ he’s probably the tallest male here. Plus he added 40 pounds of muscle to his frame. Weakness: Marlboros

Derek: Strength- On Battle of the Season he was able to literally carry his teammates during challenges, but his new-found strength went unnoticed. Weakness- Elimination rounds

Jonna & Nany


How the Rivalry Began: Confronted each other on the Battle of the Seasons reunion.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Jonna- 2
  • Nany- 1

Elimination Round Record:

  • Jonna- 3 (1 win, 2 losses)
  • Nany- 2 (1 win, 1 loss)

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Jonna: Strength- She won a random reality show as a child, and isn’t half-bad on her adult reality shows. Weakness- She “sucks at being fake,” a trait that won’t help her on this show.

Nany: Strength- Not afraid to step up when she needs to Weakness- Somehow she finds herself in a lot of fights.

Dunbar & Tyrie


How the Rivalry Began: On The Island Tyrie said he’s whoop Dunbar’s ass if he wasn’t on the show. This was just a confessional though, so Dunbar had no idea.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Dunbar- 5
  • Tyrie- 5

Elimination Round Record:

  • Dunbar- 5 (2 wins, 3 losses)
  • Tyrie- 3 (3 losses)

Appearances in the Finals:

  • Dunbar- Cutthroat

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Dunbar: Strength- As a challenge champ, he knows a thing or two about kissing ass and winning competitions. Weakness- Literally no one likes him.

Tyrie: Strength- Played division 1 football, so he should be strong. Weakness: He’s clumsy as shit.

Paula & Emily


How the Rivalry Began: On Cutthroat Emily eliminated Paula right before the final. But their rivalry truly began on Battle of the Exes. Paula sent Emily into an elimination round, so Emily swore to get revenge by sending Paula home. Plus Paula dated Emily’s partner Ty, and Emily and Camila shockingly made fun of the relationship. In the end, Emily got her wish and sent Paula home in The Dome.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Paula- 9
  • Emily- 2

Elimination Round Record:

  • Paula- 9 (4 wins, 5 losses)
  • Emily 5- (5 wins)

Appearances in the Finals:

  • Paula- The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet 3, The Island, Rivals
  • Emily- Cutthroat, Battle of the Exes

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Paula: Strength- After years of challenge struggle, Paula arrives in Thailand knowing how to win a challenge (Rivals 1) and with a few allies. Weakness- She’s no stranger to sloppy romances that end with disaster.

Emily: Strength- She’s an absolute beast in competitions and has never lost an elimination. Weakness- Nutella

Johnny & Frank


How the Rivalry Began: Twitter LOL

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Johnny- 8
  • Frank- 1

Elimination Round Record:

  • Johnny- 6 (3 wins, 3 losses)
  • Frank- 1 (1 win)

Appearances in the Finals:

  • Johnny- The Inferno 3, The Island, The Ruins, Rivals, Battle of the Exes
  • Frank- Battle of the Seasons

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Johnny: Strength- He’s no stranger to seeing the finish line. He was more wins that anyone else on this season. Weakness- He’s no stranger to sketchy alliances that result in him seeing elimination rounds.

Frank: Strength- On Battle of the Seasons he spearheaded the rookie revolution which took him to the final. Weakness- Fighting is his favorite hobby.

Naomi & Cooke


How the Rivalry Began: On Real World Las Vegas Naomi disapproved of Cooke’s behavior when she entered the house. Cooke was chasing after Dustin (Heather’s boyfriend) and Naomi wanted to make sure Cooke know not to fuck with the original roomies.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Naomi-1
  • Cooke-0

Elimination Round Record:

  • Naomi- 2 (1 win, 1 loss)

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Naomi: Strength- Team player, and has tight bonds with the Las Vegas kids. Weakness- She hates challenges.

Cooke: Strength- She’s secretly a pro soccer player in The Philippines. Weakness- She’s boy crazy. One wrong hook-up and she’ll be packing.

Knight & Preston


How the Rivalry Began: The two seemed to annoy each other on Real World New Orleans and Battle of the Seasons

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Knight- 1
  • Preston- 1

Elimination Round Record:

  • Knight- 1 (1 loss)
  • Preston- 1 (1 loss)

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Knight: Strength- He seems to have a strong alliance with Zach and Frank. Weakness- Jemmye

Preston: Strength- His strength is underrated and he’s not a quitter. Weakness- He’s tall, not very muscular, and borrowing Sisqo’s hairstyle.

Sarah & Trishelle


How the Rivalry Began: On Battle of the Seasons Trishelle disapproved of Sarah’s relationship with teammate Alton. Trishelle told Sarah she belived Sarah was trying to manipulate their team and sent Sarah into an elimination.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Sarah- 6
  • Trishelle- 3

Elimination Round Record:

  • Sarah- 6 (4 wins, 2 losses)
  • Trishelle- 4 (2 wins, 2 losses)

Appearances in the Finals:

  • Sarah- The Ruins, Cutthroat, Battle of the Seasons
  • Trishelle- Battle of the Seasons

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Sarah: Strength- A fearless competitor who is not afraid of any competitions or elimination rounds. Weakness- Often assumes the best in people, which bites her in the ass.

Trishelle: Strength- As a professional poker player, she can read the competition like a book. Weakness- Prior to Battle of the Seasons, she was on an 8-year hiatus from MTV. Most of the cast won’t know her.

Zach & Trey


How the Rivalry Began: On Battle of the Seasons Zach was annoyed by Trey’s unwillingness to join the rookie revolution. Ultimately, this lead to team St. Thomas being sent home.

Number of Previous Appearances:

  • Zach- 1
  • Trey- 1

Elimination Round Record:

  • Zach-2 (2 wins)
  • Trey- 1 (1 loss)

Appearances in the Finals:

  • Zach- Battle of the Seasons

Biggest Strength & Weakness:

Zach: Strength- He’s big and full of muscle. This makes him a force to be reckoned with. Weakness- He’s a bit of a hot head who’s known to clash with others, especially Frank.

Trey- Strength- He’s muscular and played football. Weakness- He’s stubborn and doesn’t like to work with the majority.


  1. Diem and anessa are a good pair because they balance each other out, annsesa sucks at finals but is good at elimination rounds and diem is the other way around

  2. I would say Emily’s other weakness is puzzles. Watching her and Ty do the stick puzzle in the Exes final was painful. If only it was an Emily/Sarah pairing they would have nothing to fear from the final. I’m not too happy about the Frank/Johnny pair only because I don’t like either player, but I have to admit they are both strong competitors. Hopefully Frank will drunk and do something stupid.

  3. Diem IS good at elimination rounds she lost on the dule in a dumb challenge the duel two she beat Jenn and would’ve beaten Brit if it wasn’t for the foot rule and on the ruins Tonya has a climbing wall in her backyard

  4. Rivals 2 pairings that could have been if everyone was available/wanted to do the challenges:

    Dustin and Frank (Although I like Johnny this Rivalry is better)
    Sarah and Katie
    Cara Maria and Jenn
    Laurel and Paula (although I’m excited for Emily too)
    CJ and Chet
    Marie and Sam (Glad this didn’t happen)
    Nia and Avery
    Heather and Cooke

    1. Nia and Avery were picked and Avery was ready but nia had to write her dumb book so without a rival, Avery was canned

      1. A lot/most of these people were picked but couldn’t make it so they were either both canned or they were stuck with other rivals. Also, Chet and CJ fought during BOTS.

      1. Yea haha but that would have been an interesting/exciting pair if they were both available. Chet has proved himself to be a solid competitor in the last season and CJ has proved himself in FM2 and BOTS for as short as a time that was. I think they would have been interesting to watch together and A LOT better than Knight and Preston, Derek and Robb, Tyrie and Dunbar (maybe?). Also Dustin and Frank would have been a lot better of a pair for rivals as would Jenn and Cara Maria. However, Dustin wasn’t available and Jenn and Cara were asked but Jenn retired. Same with Sarah and Katie, Katie is apparently busy with school and Laurel and Paul, Laurel passed this one up. I think this season is going to be AWESOME! It just sucks knowing that the cast could have been much better. It’s a lot of cast members (from last season) who I don’t like but maybe this season will make me learn to like them?

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