Rivals 2: Top Moments from Episode 2

Episode 2 introduced us to the first female elimination of the season, a new partner for Cooke, and one of the sexiest challenge ever. Let’s check out the top moments from the episode!

1. Rookie vs. Veteran


After hooking up with Anastasia, the whole house in interested in CT’s relationship with her as well as his relationship with Diem. CT denies hooking up with Anastasia, even though she admits to it. Naturally, this effects Frank. He confronts CT for lying but CT tells him to mind his own business. Eventually, this leads to Frank launching himself at CT and trying to start a physical fight. Fortunately, Knight is there to break up the fight before it escalates too much.

2. And Cooke’s Partner Is…


In one of the most awkward introduction ever, TJ announces that Cooke’s new teammate is Cara Maria. Upon this announcement, no one on the cast claps. Some people say it’s because she’s a much better partner than Naomi (true!) while others are honest and admit that they don’t like Cara Maria. Either way Cara Maria is here. Cooke and her try to justify their Rivals partnership by mentioning a mean tweet. OK…..

69. Sexy Challenge?


In this week’s challenge, the cast had to compete in a series of XXX rated competitions which included sawing wood with a saw in between their legs, running through an obstacle course 69-style, and placing a ball-gag in a tube. Wes and Preston refuse to compete because they don’t want to place their faces by their teammates crotch. This earns them a penalty for next challenge. Much like last week, Emily and Paula win for the girls while Trey and Zach win for the boys. Anastasia and Jessica come in last, earning a spot in The Jungle.

4. Anasanity


After realizing that CT and Diem still have feelings, Anastasia realizes she has been played by CT. She wants to ignore the situation, but CT magically appears in her room. This drives her crazy. So she slaps him. Then slaps him again. Then kicks him. Then kicks him again. Until she leaves. Of course, Knight is present to try to control the fight.

5. Pissing Excellence


The cast votes for Cooke and Cara Maria to be the second team in The Jungle. Prior to competing in the Hanging By a Thread elimination, Anastasia begins to feel light-headed. She sips juice, and miraculously she is now feeling well enough to compete. While waiting for Anastasia to regain consciousness, Cooke decides she much go to the bathroom. So she just pisses on the contraption. Finally, the elimination begins. The girls have to saw a rope until it breaks, and Cooke and Cara Maria do this faster. Anastasia and Jessica have been eliminated.

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