Worst Early Season Performances

Usually, people come onto a challenge with the intent kicking major ass. Then, they get to the challenges and suck. They get last place or disqualify. They get into elimination rounds early on and fail to redeem themselves. Some people are lucky enough to survive past the first challenge, but others don’t make it to the second episode. Let’s check out people who arrived to the challenge and sucked.

Dunbar- Rivals 2


Unable to grab Tyrie on the “Game of Inches” challenge, Dunbar earned himself a spot in the first Jungle of the season. Then, he failed miserably in The Jungle. We all saw this last episode, but he’s not the first person who had troubles early on in the season.

Johnny Bananas- The Duel

[MTV]  The Duel  S13E01 Reachin Out & E2 Ring Toss [bruce_night] 640 X 464.avi_001157424

It’s hard to think of Johnny as someone who departs early. He has won four seasons, and intimidates even the strongest vets. But on his first season he left first. He didn’t stand out on the challenge and then lost in the first Duel without even using a muscle. This appearance painted a picture of him as a weakling, but he very quickly redeemed himself on The Inferno 3.

Kenny- Rivals


Early on Rivals 1, Kenny wasn’t the competitor we knew from previous seasons. His frequent disqualifications landed him a spot in the first 2 male Jungles of the seasons. Luckily, his partner Wes was there with him to win. Kenny’s poor performance early on led his allies to wonder where his “mojo” went, but luckily he was able to find his mojo later on in the season and make it to the final.

Nate- Battle of the Exes


Nate only competed in one challenge so far, and from the looks of it he isn’t very good. He got last place on the “Give Me Some Honey” challenge and was sent straight to The Dome with his “Ex” Priscilla. In The Dome he was quickly beaten by Wes & Mandi. Oops!

Evelyn- The Ruins


Remember the time Evelyn quit? If you saw The Ruins, you likely do. As strong as Evelyn claims to be, she let the social drama in the house outweigh her competitive nature and threw her elimination round again Kellyanne.

Darrell & Cara Maria- Fresh Meat 2


Darrell won his first four challenges, but his first time ever losing an elimination round was his only time in the first elimination of a season. Darrell and his partner Cara Maria (who’s not too bad herself) lost in the first Exile of the season. According to Cara Maria, the reasoning behind the loss was the requirement to complete puzzles. Apparently neither of them are good at that.

The Miz- Battle of the Sexes 2


On Battle of the Sexes 2, we really saw the veterans band together. However, Mike’s frequent disqualifications and poor performances made it hard for the veterans to drag him along. They booted him mid-season, marking the only time The Miz did not see the final.

Who else had a really bad challenge? Comment below!


  1. You kinda made a mistake with Ev. She didn’t have a bad performance. She just didn’t want to send her bestfriend home just to satisfy the JEK alliance. They thought Kellyanne was the best player on the other team so they used Ev to take her out but she just thought differently.

    Other bad performances:
    Shauvon – on every season she was on LOL
    Danny – on Fresh Meat I

  2. Danny and Melinda are a combined 0-for-10 in elimination challenges.

    Vinny was the eliminated in the second episode of “Fresh Meat II,” the third episode of “Cutthroat” and kicked out of the second episode of “Battle of the Exes.”

    Nick (RW: Hollywood”) was eliminated first in The Duel II, second in The Ruins.

    Mandi has been in four challenges, but has been eliminated in the second episodes of “Cutthroat” and “Battle of the Exes.”

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