Rivals 2

Rivals 2: Top 5 Moments from Episode 3

For a change, this week’s episode did not center around CT. Instead, we saw a plot line where Knight says some silly shit and the house reacts. Let’s check out the best moments from this week.

1. Sucky Gameplay


The episode opens with the cast questioning Marlon’s sexuality. Everyone expected him to be completely straight, but people begin to question this when Marlon and Derek share a moment in the pool.

Later, the cast plays a game of charades. Knight tries to imitate Marlon by performing oral sex on another male. Marlon finds this blatantly disrespectful and is prepared to fight Knight. The rest of the cast jumps in to get some camera time break up the fight, so nobody punches anyone and no one gets sent home.

2. Old Ladies With Old Drama


After Marlon fights with Knight, Aneesa starts to talk about her coming out of the closet and offers herself as a resource for Marlon if he ever wants to talk. Trishelle gets mad at Aneesa, claiming Aneesa always tries to turn the conversation into a conversation about herself. The two start to bicker, but Trishelle is not forming cohesive sentences. Aneesa calls Trishelle “Trashelle” and that sets her off. Trishelle charges at Aneesa, but Aneesa’s fast elbow reflexes block Trishelle.

3. Screwing Off and Screwed Over


The morning after her fight with Aneesa, Trishelle quits the game. This leaves Sarah without a partner. TJ appears at the challenge house to break the news to Sarah. He starts his statement by reminding that cast that Trishelle quit, and this makes her a quitter. He also reminds the cast that he hates quitters. Then he tells Sarah that she can no longer compete because she has no partner. So once again, just like Battle of the Exes, Sarah gets disqualified for reasons that are in no way her fault.

4. Roped Away


This week’s challenge was rope course. First, the cast had to climb an unstable rope ladder. Then they had to make their way across two parallel ropes to the finish line. CT & Wes and Knight & Preston had a 30 second penalty for refusing to compete in last week’s challenge. However, Knight & Preston are the only 2 who cannot complete the course so they lose. Johnny and Frank win the challenge for the men while Paula and Emily win for the women…once again.

5. Ninja Please


The women vote for Robb and Derek to compete in the Jungle again Preston and Knight. In the Jungle, one cast member is blindfolded while the other gives him directions. The goal is to break a stick over your opponent. Derek reveals that he has a severe advantage because he is Mexican, so he grew up breaking pinatas. In the first heat, Robb defeats Preston. After this, Preston has an ingenious plan. Using the code word “NOLA” he will tell Knight to get low. This strategy allows Knight to win in the next two heats, and Knight and Preston win the Jungle.


  1. I gotta say…Trishelle, Aneesa, Paula are looking their age. It’s only accentuated by being in a house with a bunch of 24 year olds.

    1. I agree. The Super-HD they shot this season in does those three no favors. They could really benefit from the Barbara Walters soft-focus lens.

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