Challenger Who Have Been Screwed Over By a Teammate

After last week’s episode of Rivals 2, Sarah has received an abundance of sympathy. In fact, she probably has more sympathy than she knows what to do with. But she’s not the only one whose challenge experience ended abruptly because of teammate who couldn’t get their shit together. Let’s check out other people who have been screwed over by a bad teammate.


Just because she’s the most recent example doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore her. Sarah got screwed over by both Vinny and Trishelle. The first on Battle of the Exes and the latter on Rivals 2. While Vinny didn’t intentionally get ejected from the game (despite his unapologetic nature when leaving) Trishelle quit knowing she was going to jeopardize Sarah’s game.


It’s hard to think of little Casey as someone who got screwed over rather than someone who does the screwing, but on The Gauntlet 3 her time in Mexico ended once Coral departed prematurely. The stage was set for a Coral vs. Evelyn Gauntlet until Coral quit. Now, someone had to fill Coral’s void, and no one wanted to subject themselves to a battle with Evelyn. Casey humbly volunteered herself… And of course lost. Perhaps she was happy to find out that the veterans lost the finals challenge so she really didn’t lose any money.


None of the Fresh Meat on Fresh Meat 2 were itching to get Katelynn as a partner, but at least having her as a partner meant Brandon was able to compete. That is, until she got hurt while climbing and dislocated her knee. She could barely walk, but she was still slated to compete in the Exile with Brandon. Sensibly, Brandon took advantage of the free alcohol before facing his grim fate in the Exile. Upon arrival, TJ announced that Brandon and Katelynn were disqualified from the competition. Production tried to blame it on Brandon drinking a beer, but we all know it was because Katelynn couldn’t even walk without crutches.



Shouldn’t being forced to compete with an “ex” be bad enough luck? Things were turning out to be OK for Dustin and Heather on Battle of the Exes as they managed to completely avoid the first two eliminations as rookies. That is, until Dustin fell while walking up the stairs and split his knee open. Production refused to let him compete with the injury, and the team head to go home. Despite the fact that an able-bodied Heather had to leave, she was understanding of the situation and knew Dustin didn’t want to leave either. It was just an accident with a horrible end result.



Camila entered Battle of the Seasons on an unfortunate team.  Right from the beginning they were targeted by the majority of the house. Despite this, they were able to win in The Arena and survive for a few weeks. However, there came a point where Eric got fed up with being targeted and decided to quit, and the point could not have come at a worse time for Camila. In the middle of an Arena Eric just gave up, forcing Camila to be sent home despite her best efforts.

What do you think? Does Sarah still have the worst luck? Is there anyone else that got majorly screwed by a teammate? Comment below with your thoughts.


10 thoughts on “Challenger Who Have Been Screwed Over By a Teammate

  1. You forgot to mention “All the veterans who made the final on Gauntlet 3.” Challengers Who Have Been Screwed Over by Big Easy could have been its own post. Really glad he isn’t back this season, he’s a Tryrie-level waste of a casting spot.

    1. Given how the male Vets forced Coral out thanks to their “Trim the Fat” mindset, they deserved to get hosed by Eric almost dying. They were all afraid of going into a Gauntlet where Big Easy’s weight would serve him well (see: Beth vs. Ruthie, Beth vs. Montana), and they focused on screwing over the women.

    1. Yeah . . . and I think that if TJ was thrust into a similar situation with Camila screeching at him, he totally would have quit on her as well. Why is Eric the bad guy? Because Teege is the Poor Man’s Jeff Probst? Feh.

      1. I like TJ a lot more than Probst. I find Probst pretty annoying during the competitions where he narrates the whole thing by yelling out exactly what you can already see. He also meddles too much during tribal council and it kinda seems like he affects the outcome sometimes. I like that TJ basically stays out of the way and doesn’t say too much. It never feels like he’s part of the game, which is how it should be. Whenever he demeans anyone it’s usually their fault, and there have been instances where he’s decided not to call someone out for quitting (Mike Mike quitting during the Rivals 1 final and any time someone quits for a legitimate reason like family emergencies or when Abram needed to handle real-life business on The Island). Probst isn’t terrible by any means, but I think TJ is a totally fine host.

  2. Screw Casey . . . . in most missions, she was the biggest quitter of all. And had that Gauntlet worked like Gauntlet 2, Evelyn would’ve gotten the win after Coral walked off.

    1. Yeah I agree on not sympathizing with Casey. She was pretty bad at every mission. She was even worse on The Ruins.

  3. The entire challengers team got screw by casey being there.. i believe the have a shot to win couples of challenges if casey not there until the end.. because the champion girls are pretty sucks..

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