Rivals 2

Rivals 2 Episode 4: Top 5 Moments

Episode 4 of Rivals 2 is marked by a bunch of new hook ups, old hook ups, and fake hook ups. Let’s get the scoop on the most exciting things that happened.

1. The Mysterious Jordan Wisely


With Sarah out of the house, Jordan had no one to hook up with. Luckily, Jonna is on this season. So the two begin kissing in the club, then they get to talking. Jordan compares himself to The Great Gatsby because he’s so mysterious. Of course, Jonna does not understand this reference. I think Johnny sums of this exchange really well here:


2. White Girls Can’t Rap


At the club, Nany and CT start dancing together. As this happens, Diem is in the corner making up a rap in which she calls Nany slutty. The only other person who hears this rap is Jemmye, but of course Jemmye runs to Nany and snitches on Diem. Nany confronts Diem but Diem has a great excuse: she’s white. Logically, this means she cannot rap. Diem never truly confesses to writing the rap but it’s clear to see that her and Nany are not going to get along.

3. Peak-a-bamboo


In this week’s challenge called “Stumped” the teams had to navigate through a maze with a 25-foot bamboo pole attached to their wrists. The maze is not an issue. It’s really more of a challenge to control the pole. For the women, Paula and Emily win the challenge an immunity from The Jungle. Marlon and Jordan win for the men and receive $1,000 as well as the opportunity to pick the order for the next challenge. However, Jasmine and Theresa are the only female team who cannot complete the maze in 20 minutes and earn a spot straight into the Jungle.

4. Ketchup Mess Up


Knight and Jemmye cannot be on a season together without arguing at least once, and this episode starts their arguing for the season. Jemmye feels annoyed by Knight’s presence in the house and it’s especially awkward when she wants to hook up with a black man (in this instance it’s Leroy). The two get to arguing, but Knight knows what will REALLY piss Jemmye off- ketchup. So he grabs a bottle and smears some on her back. Jemmye flips out, throws a trash can, and cries because ketchup is her biggest fear.

5. Jungle Shocker


TJ sets up this week’s Jungle to be the scariest in elimination history! The player in Jungle (Theresa & Jasmine vs. Cara Maria & Cooke) will have to hold onto a metal beam that is being shocked with 4000 volts of electricity. The 4 competitors begin to freak out, except for Cara Maria who has a car battery at home that she uses to shock her nipples. Then, TJ drops a bomb! There will be no elimination tonight. The whole thing was just to scare the cast (and fill the void of Sarah and Trishelle leaving). All 4 competitors get to stay!


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