Do Any Other Teams Stand a Chance Against Paula & Emily?

So far this season, we’ve seen 3 challenges and every time Paula and Emily won on the girls side. I know that Emily is strong, but can any other team beat these two?


Looking at the other teams, I have a hard time seeing another pair of girls defeating these two. Paula’s a good competitor, but Emily is the best female in any physical competition.

To be honest, if another girls team wants to win, I think they need to take Paula and Emily out before the final. Paula won on Rivals 1, and Emily completed the Battle of the Exes final. No other team of girls have 2 people who have completed a final challenge, and if I were competing in that final I would not want to go against those two.

Of course, eliminating them before the final means they must lose at least 1 challenge and then lose in The Jungle. And I really don’t think that’s possible. This team is far superior to any other team.

What do you think? Can Paula and Emily be defeated?


10 thoughts on “Do Any Other Teams Stand a Chance Against Paula & Emily?

  1. They are the unquestioned favorites. Cara Marie and Cooke are the only competition. Also have you checked out our #Rivals2 Bingo game? Email us for a card and win money while you watch the madness tonight.

  2. Paula and Emily, Johnny and Frank are by far the top teams to beat. This season is almost as lopsided at the Ruins.

    • With Paula and Emily, it is pretty lopsided. With the guys, I think you’ve got a handful of good teams. Frank & Johnny, Zach & Trey, Leroy & Ty, CT & Wes, maybe even Jordan & Marlon. I think that as time progresses the guys will be real competition for one another and it will not be lopsided.

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