Who Would Have Won: Theresa & Jasmine or Cara Maria & Cooke?


So, this week’s Jungle was a no-go. The entire cast was prepared for a battle, but no one actually had to compete. While both teams returned to the house with a sense of relief, the viewers are left with the burning questions of who would have won.

The Jungle required two competitors to hold onto a metal beam with 4000 volts of electricity for as long as they could. Whichever play outlasted their opponent won the heat, and the first team to win two heats would win the entire Jungle.

Theresa & Jasmine


In this Jungle, size does matter. And considering the fact that Jasmine is the smallest girl on the cast, she’s probably at a disadvantage. I really don’t know if these two are particularly good or bad with endurance, but I can’t see them quitting too easily. Of course, no one really enjoys being electrocuted.

Cooke & Cara Maria


OK, I’ll just say it. I think these two had a better chance of winning. They’re the bigger team, and I can’t see Cara Maria quitting easily. I think she does well with endurance challenges, and I can’t recall her ever quitting a challenge. Add in the fact that she had a home electrocution device, and I think she’d be the best at this competition.

Of course, if a real Jungle happened that night I doubt it would have involved electrocution. It probably would have been a completely different challenge.

Still, I want to know who you think would have won this Jungle.



4 thoughts on “Who Would Have Won: Theresa & Jasmine or Cara Maria & Cooke?

  1. You’re freakin’ kidding, right?

    It’s okay to speculate how each pair would do in a given Jungle. But there is no way they would’ve played a game of Chicken. After Trishelle left and Sarah got dismissed, I suspect the production people decide to have a spot of fun. And I would be shocked if none of the cast — brain-dead from drinking, fighting, venereal diseases, etc. — were able to put two and two together. Not like they’ve got an equivalent to Racers and non-elimination legs, but someone had to have been waiting for Teege to save both teams.

    • I’m hoping Jasmine didn’t get told that by BMP. That way, she figured it out on her own, and there would be someone on the cast whose IQ was in triple digits.

  2. Cara Marie would have loved the challenge and her joy would have demoralized jasmine and my girl Teresa. Furthermore, cook is one of the most competitive women on the show and she would not quit. She is also gorgeous and that is my humble opinion.

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