Rivals 2

Nany’s Rap

Remember that rap song that Knight and Johnny wrote about Nany? Well, here it is! We heard some of the best parts on the episode, but there are a few more zings at Nany in the rap that we didn’t here.

So I am proud to present… the entire rap.


Me and my partner are like Clyde + Bonnie
But if there’s one girl in the house I can’t stand it’s this whore named Nany
You’re just a rookie so stay in your place
You keep trying to fuck CT I will slap you in your face
Johnny’s nothing but a mother fucking modern day Tom Soyer
Nany is clearly the classiest girl in the house because she fucked Adam Royer
I know this rap may make me sound bitter
I can’t wait to block her ass on Twitter
I’m Diem D.B. Brown
Nany don’t be mad at me because the whole house knows you’re always ????
I’ve never seen so many hoes with broke ass faces
Now everybody go to sleep with an “S” with six “H’s” #Shhhhhh

As you can see, there are a couple of words I’m missing. If you think you know them, comment below!!


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