Rivals 2

Rivals 2 Episode 5: Top 5 Moments

Lions and tigers and Zach, OH MY!

1. The Wild Wild Wes


At the beginning of the episode, we see Leroy and Theresa hooking up. Leroy, who is rooming with Wes, decides to take Theresa to his bed. This irritates Wes, who has previously hooked up with Theresa, so he leaves to room. Once the other cast members notice that Wes is gone, they make a Wes dummy and place it in the bed. Everyone write hashtags making fun of Wes, including saying that he has low self-esteem. This pisses Wes off, and he starts to throw insults at Leroy.

2. Zach Attack


Zach receives news that his sister gave birth. The baby is healthy, and everyone is fine…except Zach. He starts crying and soon after he develops a stomach cramp or something. He tells Paula and Frank. Paula gets the doctor and Frank, whose stomach is perfectly fine, feasts on some more noodles. Later, Zach moves to his bed and gets irritated by the camera getting in his face. He screams and smashes things. Oops!

3. Smash a Ho


This week’s challenge was called Frog Smash. Teams had to race across a beam while their opponents are swinging at them in giant swings. The girls go first, and no one swings at Jasmine and Theresa so they win. The first guys team was Zach and Trey and Trey falls after crossing about 3 inches of the beam. Zach is determined to have another team do worse than him, and to ensure this he wants everyone to swing at Preston and Knight. Everyone agrees, until Johnny and Frank choose not to swing. This pisses Zach off and he is now determined to take those two into the Jungle, which he is inevitably sent to for doing the worst.

4. Voticide


Zach is determined to have Frank and Johnny sent into The Jungle, but no one wants to vote that way (except Cara Maria and Cooke). Theresa and Jasmine vote first and they decide to throw away their vote by saying Leroy and Ty. Nany and Jonna decide to do the same thing, thinking everyone else will vote for Jordan and Marlon. However, Diem decides to vote for Leroy and Ty as well, solidifying their place in The Jungle. Everyone is shocked, and Theresa feels terrible because she contributed to Leroy going into The Jungle.

5. Breaking Through with Broken Strategies.


The Jungle was called Breaking on Through, and the competitors had to break through various levels to get through a tower. The first level was a sheet rock, the second level was chains, the third level was glass, and the final level was a door with 3 locks. Part of the rules stated that teammates must alternate between levels.

Zach and Trey fly through. The ring the bell, win, and start celebrating. Like most people, Zach celebrates by throwing his helmet at the audience. However, Zach helped Trey break through the first level and them completed the second level by himself. Therefore, he did not alternate like the rules clearly stated and Zach and Trey DQ. So, on a technicality, Leroy and Ty win.


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