The Challenge

Tough Challengers Crying

Tonight we’re going to see Zach cry over the birth of his nephew while production shoves a camera in his face. He is undeniably one of the toughest challengers on the cast, if not ever.

Sometimes even the strongest competitors cry. It’s a fact. But I’m a little surprised we saw Zach cry based on his advice from Real World San Diego:

zach cry

So let’s look at some competitors who are full of muscle and tears!


Of course we’ll start with Zach. Perhaps he’s pretty level-headed when it comes to the game but his outside relationships can make him emotional. At least he’s crying for a good reason.


Now let’s flashback to Zach’s current partner Trey. On Battle of the Seasons Trey threw himself a pity party because he was not part of the popular alliance and felt like a household outcast. Luckily his girlfriend-at-the-time Laura was there to comfort him.


And now we’ll flashback to Zach’s partner from Battle of the Seasons Frank. He cries a lot. In the picture depicted above he was crying because he had to put his friends Robb and Marie into The Arena.


This season we saw Leroy cry during the first episode. As TJ was announcing the prize money of $350,000 Leroy became overwhelmed and shed a few tears.


Another competitor from this season- Wes! He cried during The Duel after competing in a Duel with Derrick. He won, but was scratched up and overly emotional. Here, we see him crying as he talks to her girlfriend Johanna on the phone.


Speaking of Derrick, he shed some tears on The Gauntlet 2 when he had to go into the final Gauntlet. Picking his opponent was hard, and he finally decided on Timmy. Bad choice because Timmy sent him packing right before the final.


On Rivals, after his BFF Evan was eliminated in The Jungle, Kenny admitted to shedding a tear. In his confessional depicted above to tried to blame a strong breeze. Nice try, but if that breeze didn’t make Wes cry we know he’s lying.


We all know that CT is too tough to cry, but when Diem told Abram about her love story with CT he began to cry. This doesn’t surprise me though. Abe doesn’t seem like the type to hold back tears just to look cool.


Back in the day, The Miz was one of the strongest competitors and on The Gauntlet his team viewed him as a captain. When he was forced to pick between sending Coral or Trishelle into The Gauntlet, he picked Coral. Both Coral and Mike cried over this decision, but perhaps he should have continued to send Coral into The Gauntlet. Her injury in the final cost Team Real World the challenge.


A few challenges later, Mike won The Inferno 2. In the picture above we see him helping to wipe a tear away from Darrell’s eye. Winning money can choke up even the strongest competitors.

Of course, there are some competitors who don’t cry. But if there’s a strong competitor I missed, let me know!


  1. You forget that Derrick murdered an innocent table before that final Gauntlet. His team couldn’t decide whether to send in David or Timmy to face him in the Gauntlet, and Katie & Aneesa abstained. The revote kept the tied, and Derrick stomped the shit out of the table. You can read about it in my recap from back then. It was so sad, yet so hilarious. Eventually, Wee Dee lost to Timmy.

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