Rivals 2

Rivals 2 Episode 6: Top 5 Moments

Would a powershift allowing the rookies to take control shake up the house? It absolutely would! Unfortunately, we did not see that on episode 6 of Rivals 2. Here are 5 moments we did see!

5. Relying on Rookies


After being handed a victory in last week’s challenge, Theresa received the power to select the order in this week’s challenge. She decided to put all of the veterans first and all of the rookies later. So the order was: Aneesa & Diem, Paula & Emily, Jemmye & Nany, Nany & Jonna, Cara Maria & Cooke, and then Jasmine & Theresa. This shook up the house, causing veteran teams to be suspicious and angry with Theresa and Jasmine’s team.



This week’s challenge was named Frenemies, which is a twist on the Newlywed game. One rival was asked a serious of questions and then suspended in the air. The other rivals on the team had to answer the question and match their teammate’s response. Questions included: “What is your partner’s best body part?” “Who is the trashiest girl in the house?” and “Who is the fakest person in the house?” Jemmye knew nothing about Camila, so their team came in last place. Paula and Emily played flawlessly and won while Leroy and Ty won for the guys.

3. New Kids on the Block


Theresa concocts and plan to send Aneesa & Diem into The Jungle. She has the support of Leroy & Ty, and tries to gain support from Jordan & Marlon and Preston & Knight. Jordan agrees, but when discussing his plan with Marlon he is interrupted by Johnny who tells him it’s a bad idea. Jordan decides to stab Theresa in the front by backing out of the plan and voting for Theresa and Jasmine instead.

2. Fury in a Green Jersey


Theresa confronts Jordan and yells at him for going back on his word (which he denies). Jasmine is also angry, but rather than talk to Jordan she runs to his showmance Jonna. Jasmine tries to convince Jonna that Jordan is a liar and she deserves better (I only agree with one of these things). She also brings up the fact that she warned Jonna about Zach last season, she didn’t listen, and she got hurt. Both Jordan and Jonna are unaffected by their conversations and continue with their lives.

5. Feeling 22


This week’s Jungle was a new one called Catch 22. The objective was to pass balls over a net, have your teammate catch it, and score as many points as possible while running on a treadmill that is increasing in speed. There were a total of 22 balls, but it was also possible to fall of the treadmill and lose. In the first heat, Jasmine quickly fell off while in the second heat Theresa quickly fell off. Jemmye and Camila made this Jungle look easy and took home their first victory.

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