Did Johnny Outsmart the Rookies?

Johnny has become a master of these shows. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s managed to win the past two challenges he’s been on, has a total of 4 wins under his belt, and had a total of 9 challenge appearances.

This week Theresa and Jasmine presented Marlon and Jordan with an offer to turn the tables. With their support, Diem and Aneesa could have been sent into The Jungle. Jordan seemed to support this idea, until it came time to vote. But during the vote he decided side with the veterans. Not only did he not vote for Diem and Aneesa, but he voted for Theresa and Jasmine.


So what caused this change? The only thing (we saw) was Johnny telling the rookies that is was a bad idea to vote in Diem and Aneesa because it would make them targets. As true as this is, Jordan and Marlon seemed to overlook the fact that they’re already targets. When veterans don’t know who to vote in they resort to the people who they have the least close relationship with… typically rookies.

Also, a Diem & Aneesa vs. Jemmye & Camila Jungle would have ensured that there would be 3 teams who could be persuaded to not vote in Jordan & Marlon. Having these 3 teams (Theresa & Jasmine, Jonna & Nany, Cooke & Cara Maria) could have given the rookies enough leverage to get a different team voted into The Jungle.

I believe voting in Diem & Aneesa would have had the potential to make Jordan & Marlon more influential when females had to vote. It would have been a bold move, but it could have worked out in their favor. Plus they probably don’t have much to worry about if they do go into The Jungle. They’re a really strong team after all.

So do you think Johnny’s few words of “advice” swayed the rookies? Or do you think it’s due to other reasons?


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