Which Competitor is the Biggest Fake?

On the last episode of Rivals 2, I agreed with Frank on something. Calling someone out every once in a while really does spice things up. And the Frenemies challenge was a prime example of this.

The one question that really stuck out to me was the question asking who the biggest fake in the house was. So I wanted to check out these “fakes” and why they’re perceived to be that way.


Theresa– I would guess that Aneesa/Diem felt she was fake because she has been working with the veteran up until this mission. Then, she blindsided them by putting them first. Her allegiances are unclear resulting in her fakeness.

Cara Maria– Emily correctly guessed that Paula considered her to be the biggest fake. Jemmye incorrectly guess that Camila would believe she’s the biggest fake. If I had to guess, Cara Maria’s perception of being fake stems from the fact that her interests are different than most other cast members’. She’s known for her love of Abram and ponies while other girls are know for their love of alcohol and being nude. Plus, Cara Maria usually rejects the majority alliance in the house and usually just works with the rookies.

Wes– Camila stated that Wes was the biggest fake in the house. I’m not surprised. Camila is good friends with Johnny who dislikes Wes. He went on The Ruins to throw missions and seek revenge on some of his teammates. That’s not something an elite competitor would do. His constant dislike for certain member of the house may be perceived as fake and attention-seeking.

Emily– Cara Maria thought Cooke would say she’s the biggest fake. I’m not entirely sure why, but I do know that in the past Cara Maria has insulted cast members for relying on supplements to gain strength and bulk up. Perhaps she believe Emily is now the athlete she is portrayed as being? However, if you know anything about Emily, she loves cross-fit and she really is that athletic.

Jemmye– Nany correctly guess that Jonna felt she was the biggest fake. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s apparent that Jonna has a dislike for Jemmye. Maybe Jemmye’s trouble-starting comments are catch up with her. (IE- telling Aneesa that Trishelle was talking about her, telling Nany about Diem’s rap).

Diem– Cooke, Theresa and Jasmine all felt she was the biggest fake. For Theresa and Jasmine the reasoning is obvious- she voted in Leroy and Ty when she previously stated that she wanted to send in a rookie team. I’m not sure of Cooke’s reasoning. Perhaps Cooke doesn’t like her relationship with CT. However, in the future episodes I expect Diem’s fakeness to be addressed.

Who do you think is the biggest fake?

9 thoughts on “Which Competitor is the Biggest Fake?

  1. I think Jemmye is pretty up front about who she is. Probably because you can’t hide trailer trash with an accent like hers, and she makes no apologies for her shortcomings. Jonna seems fakest to me. I can’t stand that broad and I really don’t understand what the guys on the show keep finding attractive about her.

  2. Ct by far was the most fake on rivals 2 he played with almost every girl emtions knowing in the end all he wanted was to win.

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