Rivals 2 Episode 7: Top 5 Moments

It’s unclear what was more shocking this episode: the challenge or The Jungle.

1. Drill Sargent Diem


While lounging around outside, Diem notices Aneesa in the pool and wants her to do some laps to train for the final. Aneesa refuses, and the two ladies start to express frustrations with their partner. Diem feels that Aneesa lacks motivation and is concerned that she will not be able to do well in a final challenge. Aneesa feels that Diem is always commanding her to train when she doesn’t want to. These frustrations boil over into difficulties with communication.

2. Blindly Shocked


This week’s challenge titled Blind Leading the Blind tied the teammates together and forced them to navigate through a maze. Not only were they blindfolded, but they were also being electrocuted with a shock collar. The catch was that they had to walk toward the shock. The stronger the shock was, the closer teams were to the exit of the maze. Notably, Leroy and Ty had a hard time making it through the maze and spent a long time lingering by the exit. This earned them a spot in The Jungle. Johnny and Frank made it through the maze the fastest, earning immunity from The Jungle while Aneesa and Diem were the fast girls team.

3. Shockingly Bad


The worst performance of the day goes to Jonna who didn’t want to walk into the shocks. So she just sat by the entrance for 30 minutes and cried as Nany tried to convince her to move. The team was eventually disqualified, but TJ thought the performance was disgraceful.

4. Veteran Revolution


Initially, the girls wanted to send Knight and Preston into The Jungle but Johnny and Frank had other plans: Marlon and Jordan. They told Emily that they wanted to take out a strong team and leaving a weaker team (Knight and Preston) for the end. Jordan overhears this conversation and confronts Frank for being scared. Frank claims that he never said Jordan’s name, nor is he afraid of the rookie team. Eventually, Marlon and Jordan earn their spot in The Jungle and Jordan and Frank continue to bicker over who is scared of whom.

5. Last Chances


We saw a familiar Jungle this week… Last Chance where the two competing teams had to ram past each other and ring a bell. In round one, Jordan was able to leap to the bell first. This angered Leroy who successfully pushed Marlon and Jordan so far back that Ty had the chance to ring the bell. In the final round, Ty gets close to the bell but Marlon is able to pin him down. Leroy tries to help Ty and leaves a clear path for Jordan to run to the bell and earn a victor for team rookie.

7 thoughts on “Rivals 2 Episode 7: Top 5 Moments

  1. I feel like the jungle was rigged. After TJ sounds the horn you see ty on top of marlon when marlon had been on top of him the whole entire time. I feel like production chooses who they want to win. If you look back on rivals 1, laurel and cara eliminated jasmine and jonna in the ONLY elimination round that was repeated to cater to the stronger teams strength because they wanted those two in the final.

    1. Not sure about it being rigged. I feel like the Cara & Laurel Jungle you’re talking about was only repeated because that Jungle used very little equipment (just helmets and a rope). Directly after the Jungle the cast found out that they were leaving the country. Production probably wanted a Jungle that required minimal break-down so they could leave quickly.

      1. you’re kind’ve wrong about this challenge. Leroy didn’t push Jordan and Marlon at the same time in the second round. He and Marlon are in a stalemate (if you pay attention), and it is actually Ty who pushes the Jordan all the way to the other bell.

      1. Yeah I really doubt that was rigged. If anything, Marlon was still grabbing Ty and pulling him down from below when Jordan hit the bell (also, that was the best elimination since the Zach-CJ hall brawl last year). These people do these shows for a living, more or less, you’d see some serious twitter outcry if they rigged an elimination, especially one that eliminated two pretty strong competitors (who were only in the game because Zach messed up the previous male elimination anyway). There are definitely instances where an elimination favors one team or another (Big Easy in the hall brawl against Wes, for example), but that’s the nature of the beast. I just hope we never see that damn sword fight elimination (the one where Knight & Preston sent Robb & Derek home) again, that thing was awful.

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