Frank & Jordan: Who’s Scared?

This week we saw the argument between Jordan and Frank. All of the tension stemmed from the fact that Jordan overheard a conversation where Johnny and Frank wanted to send his team into The Jungle. Johnny admitted that it made more sense to keep a weaker team around (Knight & Preston) and to try to eliminate a strong team (Jordan & Marlon) when given the chance.

Then Jordan confronted Frank, who claimed that he never said Jordan or Marlon’s name. And, as far as I can tell, he wasn’t lying. Emily said their names, and Frank and Johnny just used pronouns or “rookies” to refer to them without actually saying their name.


To be honest, I can understand Frank’s logic. He and Johnny won the mission so they’re immune from The Jungle. It just makes sense to send in a stronger team to compete again Leroy and Ty because it guarantees that a strong team leaves. Despite the fact that Johnny and Frank are a strong team, Jungle are chancy and there’s no guarantee that they’ll return if they go into The Jungle against one of those teams.

However, Jordan did catch Frank scheming. Frank can deny it all he wants but he was trying to get Jordan and Marlon thrown into The Jungle. It may be a logical move, but it was an attempt to sent two strong teams into The Jungle. From Jordan’s perspective it looks like Frank is scared of his team because he wants them eliminated without having to do it himself.

Who do you side with? Who’s scared of whom?


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